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  1. Wondering what this is worth nowadays as I need to clear out space and make some money to get a home. I built it years and years ago but never ended up getting into playing. These are the mods I think I have but could be confusing them by memory. EdGI barrel, polarstar piston, 90 degree back end of the piston, laylax zero trigger, pdi boreup cylinder, some hop up that looks like an hourglass, barrel spacers to keep it steady. Pretty accurate when I shoot random shoeboxes in the apartment but no idea on fps or long range accuracy lol. Oh yea and a crappy desertish paintjob I did in my earlier years :)
  2. hey guys im having a problem with my v2 gearbox and I've ran out of all possible ideas. anyway the problem is that it will just not go, it seizes pretty much but I can turn the gears by hand without feeling any resistance. and with spring in I can turn it with a screwdriver. everything is metal and I have an m120 spring. I was using an eg1000 motor for the longest time when it happened and I was hoping that was the problem so I got a g&p m120 motor. still nothing. tried realigning countless times but it just seems like the motor to me again. anyone else have some ideas? anything would be helpful
  3. got it working somehow. just if you go on auto and it doesn't finish a full rotation it will jam and the only way to fix it is to push back the piston with a screwdriver from the side and press the trigger. would that mean the motor is getting worn out and cant 'turn it over'?
  4. damn well I must have done it wrong because I blew the fuse and it jammed again. none of the teeth looked bad and I lubed it up so im not sure now. such a to test, gotta put half of it back together for the motor to connect.
  5. thanks for the URL. im hoping that something just got out of whack and when I put it back together, all will be fine.
  6. hello. I need some help figuring out my echo 1 m4 gearbox. basically I took it apart because the cylinder kept jamming and I couldn't get it unjammed. well now I have it apart and im not quite sure why it was jamming, I was assuming something was stripped or bent but that doesn't seem to be the case. either way im not sure how to reset the gear positions because when I opened up the two halves, the spring unjammed and shot everything out and messed em up. I know the general placement of them but I don't know how to set the half gear and the cylinder back to normal. if anyone could point me to a picture guide or explain in somewhat decent detail, it would be really helpful. [edit] whoops almost forgot... some of the important parts you might need to know: Systema 6mm metal bushings Systema M120 Systema duracon piston head Echo 1 cylinder set with polycarbonate piston Echo 1 spring guide with bearing Tokyo Marui EG1000 thanks, D
  7. very nice link, thanks for posting it
  8. wtb RIS set to fit an echo 1 m4. metal or abs plastic, atleast 2 rail covers and has to hold 9.6v nunchuck batteries. thanks -dager
  9. this is more an argument of just the ball size, not airsoft vs paintball. if any comparison it's between a .40 cal and .68 cal bullet being shot at theoretically the same fps, same wind resistance, same quality, etc etc
  10. my roommate and I are in an argument and we have a million dollar bet over it :P it has to deal with ball size and effective range/accuracy. he's talking about paintballs instead of bb's but it should be the same thing. anyway I say that a bigger heavier ball will be more accurate and have better effective range because it would be less affected by the wind but he says a smaller size ball will be more accurate because the surface area is smaller and will be less affected by wind. he says it's a matter of density while I say it's a matter of mass and weight. someone with good knowledge please clear this up for us. I need a specific and detailed answer because one doofus's opinion is no better than my doofus roommate and we have a million dollars riding on this
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