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  1. You guys are weaksauce. Pistols: M2109 Hartford $1100 Hardford Peacemaker $900 Rifles: systema 1 3800 Systema 2 $1600 WA2000 6000 and I can keep going on and on.....
  2. I have like 8 MGC glocks, want to buy them all?
  3. Hey guy I need to off load some Parts to keep my collection growing. I have a ULTRA RARE Wilson combat Prime slide for a Western Arms pistol. It good shape, a few small chips, but nothing wrong with it outside of that. Come with Slide ported, Barrel ported, guild springs, sights, blow back chamber. Pretty much a complete slide. You will never see another one of these for sale. 150 SHIPPING, Firm. Worth every penny. I take Paypal, and only want trades for super rare stuff, Specter mags Zeke kitted item, Rare Western arms stuff. rare pistols. Gold SCR AK47.
  4. Hey guy just as title says I am looking for a Western Arms Miami Race gun. PM me if you have one for sale. Paypal ready.
  5. If not Id charge a 20 sir charge on shipping..... if 100 guns sold youd make an extra 2K. I mean if you wanna deal with the head ache of shipping than many guns. But if its taking this long it will probably fall thru. I still wish you the best of luck.
  6. I have a set of PVS 7b's I need to sell. They where built last month just for OP Broken Home. They where used by the admin staff for 3 hours and THAT WAS ALL !!!! After that it was tucked away in my Pelican case till today. the unit is like brand new still. I do not check the site often so please e-mail me if intrested at RANDOM944 AT YAHOO DOT COM ... When built, a newer 3 gen fully autogated tube was used. It was tested and checked out by one of the best in the business. NEW milspec parts where used for the rest of the unit. NEW front lense NEW body NEW inner lense {collonator} NEW rear lenses, NEW everything. The tube is a +A tube spot free, fully autogated, witha very bright picture. Pics apon request. $1500 SHIPPED Priority to your door step. PAYPAL adds 3% check our money order or cash taken also. I WILL NOT SHIP OUT THE USA FOR ANY REASON, DON'T ASK. Thanks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PS ask any ine that has bought NV from me. My stuff is the best quality for the best price out there.
  7. Im looking for a 8mm GOLD Derringer. Working or non-working ill concider what ever. PM or write me. my screen name add at yahoo dot com. THANKS CASH or PAYPAL PAID
  8. http://www.dmzairsoft.com check them out and also http://www.dmzairsoft.ning.com Its a HUGE indorr place.
  9. DMZ AIRSOFT www.dmzairsoft.com or www.dmzairsoft.ning.con
  10. Well I don't have time to buy them before a event so where do they go?
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