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  1. I've got a multicam BFG tenspeed. That's a 3 across, single deep pouch.
  2. I could likely handle that. I'm located near Pottstown, definitely SE PA.
  3. I've got a mass assortment of AR parts. Barrel wise, I've got a full Madbull JP Rifles barrel kit. Barrel, gas block, and all 3 extensions. I've also got both a short and long solid stock, 2 body sets, rails, lots of things.
  4. Just an FYI, these run roughly $50 brand new. GPUs don't hold value.
  5. I've got a CYMA' Kalashnikov' series AKs74u. All metal/wood. It's been used a lot, but doesn't look bad. Has a fancy-pants sling on it, and a full set of Marui internals. Shoots ~280 fps for cqb. Throw me a PM if interested.
  6. I'm guessing NS2, but it doesn't say anywhere on the gun or box. Sell me them.
  7. If this is still here, empty yer friggen inbox and PM me.
  8. Also here to help; and I'm a little more local :P throw me a PM, and I'm more than glad to help.
  9. As it says, I want a carbine kit. Looking for the kit alone, but I might take a full gun. A Wii Roni would be the first pick, but offer away.
  10. Yeah. It's a video card. It does video card things. It's aging, but pretty powerful for what it is. I remember it dominating Oblivion when I bought that, all settings maxed out. $35 shipped paypal takes it.
  11. I've got a WE 1911 built from three older 1911's, taken the best parts from each. Looks like a Wilson Combat. Fires great, but it's beat up. No actual damage, just paint wear. Comes with two WE mags; one silver, one black. Throw me an offer.
  12. I've got a CB Fllyye CIRAS in medium, with a full set of PANTAC pouches. Not exactly what you have listed, but a PC nonetheless. PM me if yer interested with an offer.
  13. A set of XYTs would be nice. I'll throw you $8 shipped, paypal ready. Let me know the condition and the model of the donor gun.
  14. I've got a FLYYEE CIRAS in Medium, CB colour. Great condition. Can include a massive pouch set and false plates. Throw me an offer.
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