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  1. I am looking to buy four G&P midcap magazines in good condition. Anyone have some for sale?
  2. Alright thanks. Looks like I will have to buy new oil for the gbb then. I will just use the ICS oil to lube AEG buckings, magazines, etc.
  3. I mainly bought this to lube the internals of my gbb and Madbull propane adapter.. will the higher viscosity oil be fine for it?
  4. I have been using Prometheus soft bucking with an Echo 1 H-nub (black) for many years now. My gun also shoots around 360 fps just like yours, but I use a Madbull barrel. I have tried Guarder, Systema, KWA, Madbull, and many more buckings.. but my current combination has given me the best results. Systema bucking, however; almost ties with Prometheus bucking. I could not tell much difference between the two, but I just used Prometheus because it fit in my hop-up chamber a little more smoothly. I have also heard many good things about the PDI bucking, so might have to try that as well.
  5. So I bought this from Airsoft GI: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=49 But I received a can that looks like this: http://www.asgc.co.nz/images/mc-12.jpg Notice that it says "Gear Lubricant." Does this mean it is for the gears in a gearbox? Is it safe to use this spray on hop-up buckings, plastic/rubber parts, and gbb pistols? I sprayed a little of this and it is a yellow color, and looks just like melted butter. I am not used to seeing silicone oil like this because the other sprays I have used are clear and transparent. I also saw this website which describes the oil's purpose, so it is now confusing me: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/Airsoft_IC...c12-gearoil.htm Does ICS have two different versions of silicone oil spray or something?
  6. I personally do not mind the trigger arching as it has never been an issue for me yet, and I can always purchase a new switch assembly if the contacts burn up. But hmm.. I might just try a new spring first then. I can have my fps up to 400 fps in the fields I play in, so maybe I will go buy a m120. I will also have to see about short stroking, but that can be done because I am running a type 1 cylinder already. Thanks!
  7. When I use my 7.4v 1200mah 20C li-po battery, the gears overcycle and I can never reset the spring on semi-auto. It gets annoying when I need to use a 8.4v/9.6v ni-mh battery to reset the spring every time. My gun currently shoots 340-360 fps, so will a higher rated spring such as 400 fps stop the overcycling? I am also looking into these plug and play "burst wizards" such as: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=9241 http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=36749 Do these actually work as a MOSFET? I do not care for the burst fire at all, but I am rather interested in the Active Braking it offers which can solve my overcycling problems. I like the simplicity of the design as no soldering is necessary, and I can take the unit out of the gun whenever I feel like it.
  8. Their cylinders are tapered, but why a type 2 cylinder for an M4? I thought type 1s were generally used for M4s.
  9. On top of what everyone else has suggested, a weaker spring and short stroking the sector gear can cut down noise too. First thing I would do, however, is to replace that aluminum piston head on the KWA with a polycarb/silent head. You will notice a significant noise reduction right away. I'd also recommend the TM EG700 motor.. quietest motor I have used so far.
  10. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 (G&P spring not sold.. $7 shipped if you want it), 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 26 and 32 have been SOLD!
  11. I have a metal G&P air-nozzle with o-ring inside. $7 shipped. PM me if you're interested.
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