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  1. Yep, it suits my needs just fine. The pink tinge is really not that noticeable in person, and is something I can live with. It is still rather new, so as it gets dirtier along with the ACU top and bottom, the difference in color will become less of an issue.
  2. Thanks guys for the compliments and suggestions! As several of you had speculated, this loadout is almost entirely Condor. While I know that this is considered substandard, it serves my purpose just fine. I already have one expensive hobby (modifying cars), so I need to be as frugal with this one as possible! LOL Keep the comments coming guys!
  3. Just thought I would share a couple pics for a game this weekend. It is basically a US Army grunt impression, but I know the G&P M16A3/M203 is not accurate. I just love that gun!
  4. Colt Bravo


    Small world... I am originally from Rittman.
  5. I don't know why everyone rips on Condor so bad. I bought alot of Condor ACU gear (from AGI no less), and it really is well made. It may not be up to par with some, but for airsoft I think it works just fine, especially for the price. Also, the ACU coloring on the Condor stuff is a very good match to Propper/Tru-Spec ACU.
  6. They are no name. Bought them from E-hobby Asia. Yep, it is an OTV Interceptor. I see what you mean, but I am a big guy (6'3, 235), and it fits me pretty tight, so I see how it looks like it is on my BDUs. I like it that way though! As was mentioned, all my gear (with the exception of the guns) was very inexpensive. I chose to spend more on the airsoft guns themselves, and a bit less on the gear. I have only played once, and it all held up very well. We shall see how it does in the long run, but for now I am very happy with all of it.
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I have thought about it, but yeah, it is kinda far. I wouldn't mind the drive though... I just don't think I am ready for a big event like that yet. I have only played once so far!
  8. Just thought I would share my loadout from my first Airsoft game... Sorry, but I only have two pics. Don't be too hard on me!
  9. Just thought I would take a second to introduce myself... I am new to airsoft, and just played in my first game last weekend... I think I am hooked! I am located in NE Ohio (Akron), and currently have a G&P M16A2 w/M203, G&P M4, and TM M92F GBB. Looking forward to meeting new poeple and playing again soon!
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