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  1. Hello everyone, I've been out of the airsoft game for a few years now and am cleaning out some things. I've got a JG BAR-10 with the following modifications for sale. Asking price is $350, but OBO. I can do Paypal or local pickup around 27606. Polarstar cylinder head Polarstar 90° piston Polarstar spring guide Noobie M-trigger Laylax M120 spring PDI 6.01mm dia, 303mm length, 10mm "thick" barrel Polarstar barrel spacers Bondo M40 stock Outer barrel tapped for top down hop-up adjustment Outer barrel cut to G-SPEC length NOTE: magazine release is missing. I lost it when it was in storage :( I will also include the following items with the sale. Tasco 3-9x40 scope 4 magazines. 3 are plastic, 1 is metal. Laylax m150 spring Stock JG spring Original length BAR-10 outer barrel with suppressor adapter Pictures below. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there are any problems with my ad.
  2. If the gun has a motor cage attached to the gearbox you could get away with it, but for pretty much any V2 gun it doesn't make sense.
  3. Thanks for the quick (and only) reply! I basically was wondering if anyone else had this problem before. I figured I would have to go into the gearbox since the problem arose when moving the selector plate.
  4. My brother's KWA sr-10 has been acting funny lately. I haven't looked into the gearbox of the gun, but I was wondering if anyone had any preliminary ideas. The safety works on the gun, and shooting with semi works fine too. But as I move from semi to full it starts shooting automatically. It will keep shooting until the re settable fuse is tripped. Could the mosfet have actually failed? I'm really confused as to what could make it shoot full auto only when full auto is selected. Any ideas?
  5. I've heard buppus and namloot say that when using a shorter barrel, you want the piston to be light; use a heavier piston with a longer barrel.
  6. Its just like a stock piston, and its pretty strong at that. I ran an SHS piston in my King Arms for a little, but I went back to the stock KA piston and I haven't had any problems with it at 25 rps. I think the "reinforcing" part you are referring to is just where they filed down a molding seam or something. Nothing to worry about.
  7. I had this problem with STAR midcaps only in my MP5, not MAG midcaps. I sold it to my friend cause I got sick of it and I gave him my 10 STAR midcaps as well. He filed the air nozzle down ever so slightly, and now they feed great. What brand MP5 is this? You might want to try a new nozzle instead of sanding the stock one though.
  8. I get about 26 rps on am m120 with a 7.4v 25c 2650mah battery. The only thing I notice getting hot it the grip and the wires get warm. But most insulation is rated to 200C so that's not a problem. I don't notice my battery getting even warm.
  9. My SHS Ultra High Torque gets the handgrip fairly warm when I shoot in semi for a bit. I haven't ever taken it out of the grip after does so, but I may try it in a bit and see how hot it gets. What rof are you getting with your various batteries?
  10. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/lofivers...hp/t180323.html
  11. I've got a stock king arms piston running about 25rps on an m120. Its only been about 2k rounds, but I haven't seen any signs of wear.
  12. SHS 3 metal tooth piston It's actually kinda hard to find a non-bearing piston head on ehobby. I've had great luck with the G&P, but any non-bearing should be fine. Action cylinder head This cylinder head fits in my dad's JG, so it should be fine in your gun with the stock cylinder. Prometheus purple buckings are good and you should have fine results with them.
  13. Just some quick pics of my two guns. I just picked up the King Arms a few weeks ago and I'm going to be using it in my first game on Saturday. It's a great gun, and for only $280 shipped from eHobby, I'm very happy with it. I've had the JG for almost 2 years now and it's been my project on/off since then. I've been waiting for Noobie to stock his hop-up parts back in, but the outlook isn't so good. PARTS LIST! -Super Shooter spring guide -G&P Explosive piston head -SHS M120 spring -SHS High torque motor -HS Armory 30A mosfet -Guarder clear bucking -Prometheus 420mm tightbore -G&P Aimpoint replica MORE PARTS LIST!! -Noobie M-Trigger -Polarstar spring guide -Polarstar piston -Polarstar cylinder head -MAG MS145 spring -PDI 303mm 6.01 tightbore -Polarstar barrel spacers -Bondo stock
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