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  1. Bump cause pictures stopped working. New price $800 shipped
  2. It pains me to do this, but I don't expect to use this much more, so I guess my baby is up for sale. Real Sword SVD with real POSP 6x24 Comes with gun, scope, 3 Real Sword mags, and 7 Cyma mags. (no original box, never got it.) Only upgrades that I know of are an Rhop that was done professionally under my ownership. Cost for all this new is $1100 ish, im asking $900 SHIPPED. Only Trades are P* PDR-C, PTWs, or a Krytac SPR with cash. Can provide Real Sword serial proof of it being a real sword and not a Cyma. If you have an offer PM is fastest way to get a response, I might not be watching the thread
  3. WTS: HK3P Glock 17, never fielded, full trades, $150 shipped OBO. I have to upload pictures later. No parting, No Trades. HK3P G17 Gen3 Angel Custom 6.02 barrel Night Sights 2 WE mags, good condition 1 cheap mag, leaks from bottom (new square o-ring), broken follower HFC Co2 mag, non leaky, but doesn't work with non-HFC hammer springs Echo 1 Timberwolf Slide Standard Sights Spare barrel Action silver recoil guide Spare recoil guide Guarder 150% Recoil Guide and Hammer Spring (not installed) TM Hammer spring Serpa, bad shape from previous owner (ghetto dremel work) WE PX4 - $150 - 2 WE mags (non-leaking) - 2 Tokyo Marui mags (non-leaking) - 1 parts Tokyo marui mag - Tokyo Marui hopup and bucking (Came from a Tokyo Marui PX4 that I removed the hopup and bucking myself.) - Nineball 6.03 5-7 length barrel - BLACKHAWK! Serpa with all attachment goodies - Hogue universal grip Basically a complete setup to run this handgun, going a different direction with my sidearm as I tend to do, so this gets to fund it.
  4. Sadly, guges is right for a working GBBR you're going to have to go within the 500 price range or above The Well/Bell version is most likely to break on you within the first use and the G&G combat machine GBB is a conversion gearbox inside an AEG body. This means you will have no functioning bolt, charging handle, bolt release. I'm not an expert on them but the KWA LM4 is looking to be a solid gun internally and KWA always has a good gas system and customer support I prefer the WA system due to aftermarket but they are money pits
  5. In my opinion, "amazing airsoft shotgun" doesn't exist. Might be better off looking into another style of gun Trishots are plasticy and are spring loaded pumps Mad max is cool, but the shells are terrible. You HAVE to mod it to use madbull shells for any sort of use M500 is the best option I think, but without going to HPA the power is limited to CQB use *I own all three of these and what I think about them
  6. Just as an example http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/magazines/rifle...-blow-back.html $14 for standard airmail, not much more than shipping from a US retailer ($10ish), not including the %5 for login
  7. A friend told me that the M16 might be slightly overpriced, so price drop to $175 shipped. Any takers?
  8. They're all in asia, the US importers don't do GBB parts much. Even less so with the LM4 being "atf approved"
  9. Gonna bring this one back from the dead again after the massive influx of interest in my DTW I haven't gotten a SINGLE offer on this M16, it's awesome, you should want it Please?
  10. SOLD GUYS, MODS CAN CLOSE Thanks for all the offers
  11. Going up I keep getting trade offers, thats what I get I guess for forgetting to say no trades in the post Want solid cash, no need for airsoft at this time
  12. Title says it Just want one Don't care brand, as long as TM compatable. (WE, HK3P) Want cheap PM me
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