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  1. Does anybody know if they have made a semi or fully automatic shotgun that has the multi-feed system (not including double barelled models). If not, does anybody know if you could possibly fit a gearbox in a 3-feed shotgun.
  2. Click me for the Lower reciever Click me for the planned stock And for reference Click for a regular AK 47
  3. K, thanks for the advice; I am going to post pictures of the parts shortly.
  4. Hi! I have been deciding on an airsoft project to do. What im going to do is mesh different gun parts together into a new gun. So far what I have is an AK-47 with a G3/MP5 stock and an MP5 lower reciever. I am not going to use ANY wooden parts. My inspiration was what an AK47 made by HK would look like. So, any suggestions?
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