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  1. I am looking into this gun as well. I am going back and forth between the G33 and this- http://www.evike.com/products/23991/ And I am not sure which one is better
  2. I love my Dboys Full Steel AK105. IF you can find a Dboys full steel gun they are amazing. I swear by them now, I own a Dboys AKMS and the 105. Love them both. CYMA is good too if you wish to go that route, but Dboys are all steel whereas CYMAs only have some steel.
  3. White vest for a snowy battlefield. ACU camo is close enough! hahaha
  4. Dude I am AZ too! You in Pheonix? I would love to see this at an airsoft game sometime! AZ has a great airsoft community.
  5. You better take the majors name off that before the company that owns ghost in the shell sues you. And besides, an E1 P90 with some upgrades doesn't deserve to have the majors name on it.
  6. I have a real sword type 56-2 I am selling. Interested?
  7. Looking to trade my Real Sword Type 56-2. FLORA JACKET NOT INCLUDED Open to trades, here is what I am NOT looking for- Clone brand AK patterns (Later CYMA models are ok) P90s G36s SIG Rifles 1911, USP, M9 Standard M16s and M4s Sniper rifles Here is what I AM looking for in trades- G&G F2000 G&G LR300 AK patterns high quality KWA KZ-75 GBB SIG PISTOLS Bullpups (besides the P90) Russian gear Included is- Original box w/ fancy black foam, paper work, posters, etc. (not pictured) Romanian AK leather man-purse AK oil bottle AK real steel greebles (not sure what they do) 7.4v Lipo stick (tenergy) 2x 8.4v Nimh sticks
  8. Real Sword Type 56-2, which is for sale! PM ME!
  9. Thanks for the reply, I am being told by a local airsoft shops mechanic that the intermittent firing issue is probably electrical, and that the cut off lever or trigger mech is causing the full auto on semi auto.
  10. Okay, so I have a Real Sword Type 56-2, and I have recently seen its been having a small issue. Most of the time, my semi-automatic shoots fully automatic. Not sure why this is. Also, I will be firing the gun for a bit, stop to reload or stop because a fight ended or what ever, and I will bring the gun back up to start shooting again, pull the trigger, and nothing! It doesn't make any noise, the only thing it does is pull the trigger back and not fire as if there is no battery inside. Sometimes just pulling the trigger again fixes it, and sometimes I have to switch the selector to safe, then back to full automatic and then that usually solves the issue. I am using a 7.4v lipoly, but have had this issue with multiple batteries including 9.6v NIMH and 8.4v NIMH. Haven't tried an 11.1 lipo yet. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance.
  12. Sorry for crappy cell phone pic- CA Proline P90 + FAPC Rig
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