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  1. Nothing you've mentioned could legally give consent, so that would obviously never be an issue. At worst it opens up an argument in favour of polygamy if all the involved parties are consenting. Don't normally see the religious extremists going after the Mormons so I imagine that will be a more sane debate.
  2. And the bigots lost. Congratulations are in order for the land of the free. Good job America.
  3. Tacticalak47, if this were the sixties you'd be saying "I don't hate black people, I m just not going to support their quest for equal rights!" Its honestly shocking that you don't see how your inaction is preventing your fellow citizens from enjoying the same freedoms that you have.
  4. So tacticalak47, why do you think some people shouldn't have the same rights and freedoms that you do? Are you better than them and thus deserving of more privileges?
  5. That user name made him so hard to take seriously though, particularly in the context of the conversation.
  6. That's the best thing to do. Lasers don't belong on airsoft fields unless they're verifiably eye-safe.
  7. Mexico isn't the best example considering the US federal government was selling assault rifles to the cartels. Or maybe that does make it a good example!
  8. We've also had homosexuals for as long as we've had recorded human history.
  9. Part of the problem is that the state is intrinsically tied up in the marriage business. and it shouldnt be. If the state didn't determine who gets to receive the physical benefits that come from a legally recognized marriage, then this would be more of a non issue than it already is. Instead of supporting gay marriage, perhaps I could convince you that the government shouldn't be dictating what is and isn't a marriage?
  10. By your standards then, governments should only ever be dealing with pressing matters, and not matters of little consequence. Therefore, people should continue to be marginalized and not share in the same rights and freedoms as everyone else? Yes, this is not a major issue in the grand scheme of things. I completely agree. Thus, it should be incredibly easy for all of us to agree and ensure that we're all being treated equally in the eyes of the law. It would waste no time at all to put forth a motion, pass a law, and move on. State and Federal governments waste time on much less important things all the time. Unfortunately, there are small minded people who absolutely oppose any attempt at equality for groups which they wish to keep suppressed, and prevent such legislation from easily passing. This is literally a non-issue. I have no idea how these people can keep making such a big deal out of nothing. Pass the damn legislation and MOVE ON. Otherwise, you are in favour of a system that restricts the rights and freedoms of minority groups for no reason. And its important to address the fact that Tyranny of the Majority is a real threat, not propaganda. Your founding fathers put a lot of effort into discussing the issue and framing the constitution in a way that would minimize the threat. Have you read the Federalist Papers? And damn it tacticalak47, I thought you were doing so well. How the hell are we going to run out of heterosexuals. Are you scared that if gay marriage is allowed, you'll suddenly lose all interest in women? You're heterosexual, right? Then don't worry. All the other heterosexuals will continue to be heterosexual too. We aren't going to stop reproducing. The bible says a lot of things that are factually incorrect, I wouldn't recommend you use it as the basis of what you determine right and wrong to be. Do you believe adulterers should be executed as well? That seems like a bit of overkill to me personally.
  11. What you're describing is called the Tyranny of the Majority. It is why your country has a constitution and a bill of rights. To protect the minority against the tyranny of the majority. Would slavery be acceptable if 51% of the population supported it? People were so opposed to the desegregation of schools that the military had to be called in... There's a reason there's no direct democracy anywhere on the face of this planet. Mob rule is dangerous.
  12. I can see you're actually starting to think about this now. That's a good first step. Don't stop now though. Why do you believe what you believe? Challenge yourself. Challenge what you've been told and accepted without proper consideration. Why wouldn't you vote in favour of allowing gay marriage? It's not going to harm you. It's not going to affect your life in any meaningful way, but it WILL improve the lives of your fellow Americans. You're not supporting someone else's lifestyle when you vote in favour of promoting equality, you're just bringing them up to the same level playing field as everyone else. Can you actually vocalize WHY you wouldn't support it? What it is about homosexuals marrying one another that really puts you off?
  13. I can actually hear my argument whooshing right over your head. So I'm going to ask you a very simple question. "Do you believe that everyone in your country, the supposed land of the free, should be treated equally, with the same rights and freedoms in the eyes of the law?" I certainly wasn't saying you hate gays, I was saying your unwillingness to examine the issue beyond "her dur I believe what I believe and don't feel like challenging my beliefs today" is negatively impacting the lives of your fellow citizens, and it seems like you couldn't care less about that. It would literally not affect you at all to allow homosexuals to marry one another or raise families.
  14. Its 18+ to play up here so fortunately walk on games are bereft of annoying children. They aren't entirely without issues, but that's one more element out of the picture. As others have said, a milsim will present you with greater options in terms of movement and tactics, but will tax your stamina and endurance much more than an afternoon at a paintball field!
  15. So then you're in favour of gay marriage then. because if you're not, then you're treating them like crap AND being a jerk to them by supporting a status quo in which they lack certain freedoms that everyone but them gets to enjoy. You don't need to support homosexuality to support equality.
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