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  1. No idea about the MP5, it's just a stock G&G I think. Whatever the internals and FPS of the base gun are is what it should be.
  2. Bump. Price reduction on the M4 and the MP5: M4 - $220 MP5 - $110 Pistol might be almost gone.
  3. Bump. Everything still available. Will consider offers other than listed prices ;)
  4. Hello everyone. I'm getting out of Airsoft and I need money. Therefore, everything here is selling for WAY less than it is worth. So go ahead and buy something :) Album link: http://imgur.com/a/3Rw6k (Verification photo link added at the end.) Rules: - Payment via Paypal only please - Prices don't include shipping, so let me know what you want and then I will quote shipping - I'll ship most things via USPS unless you want otherwise. If you want insurance, let me know. I'll get Delivery Confirmation. - Sales are final and ship only to the continental US. G&P M4 w/ Navy Seal body, asking $250 (price includes extras, see below) As you can see, has cool trades. Click here to see closer up: http://I.imgur.com/FNOSSx9.jpg http://I.imgur.com/nOZRI4O.jpg Will ship as a package deal, including: 4x mid-caps 2x hi-caps 1x lo-cap 1x Red Dot sight 1x folding backup iron sight 1x 9.6v 2200 mah battery, wired to small tamiya (not pictured because it is currently in the handguard) 1x M4 mag pouch, OD 1x 510mm 6.03 madbull v2 tightbore barrel 1x Mock silencer This all totaled up to over $500 when I bought it. Never really had a chance to use it. Needs to have its wire harness replaced, because I clipped the wires. There has been some filing on the outer barrel inside the handguard, and there is some scratching on the outer barrel's bottom side. Other than that, the gun is in perfect condition. Less than 500 rounds through it. More pictures: http://I.imgur.com/aiin81j.jpg http://I.imgur.com/7CnlVwq.jpg G&G MP5, asking $125 (price includes extras, see below) Also ships as a package deal, includes: 5x hicap magazines 1x double mag hicap 1x OD MP5 pouch 1x 9.6v 1600 mah battery, wired to small tamiya (the gun is deans though) G&G trades: http://I.imgur.com/wF6rtEA.jpg Totaled about $360 when I bought it. Trigger can be pulled on safety, tappet plate just needs to be realigned I think. Missing stock pin, but I put a bolt in there to keep it secured. Charging handle broke off and threads need to be fixed. Other than that, great value. KSC USP Compact, sold Also up for sale (see album for all pictures): Album link: http://imgur.com/a/3Rw6k -UHC M9 springer, two tone $5 -Gemtech mock silencer, w/ Trinity 9mm trades - $10 -Tenergy universal smart charger - $5 -OD kneepads / elbow pads - $5 -Black Propper bdu pants, size Small/Long - $10 -Metal mesh face guard, OD color - $10 -Guarder protective eyewear - $10 -James black leather sling, looks great on M14's but can fit other rifles - $10 -OD bungee sling, hook and strap attachment - $10 -Heavy duty nylon belt, OD - $5 -Regular nylon belt, OD - $2 -Large OD dump pouch (has black spraypaint on back, otherwise fine) - $5 -OD double pistol mag pouch - $3 -OD chest rig, includes admin pouch and patches - $15 -OD radio pouch - $3 -Motorola radio with headset - $10 -Classic army high-torque gearset - $15 Prices can be OBO, let me know if you're interested. Verification photo: http://I.imgur.com/bhisqMQ.jpg
  5. Bump. G18 has left the building. M4 lowered to $270 shipped.
  6. Bump. Getting some interest in the M4. G18 is SPF. OD dropleg is SPF to another. USPc is looking sad all by itself, in need of a good home.
  7. Bump. Lowering the price of the M4 package to $280. Lowering the price of the MP5 package to $150. Re-listing the GBB prices: KSC G18c w/ 3 mags and rocket valve - $150 shipped KSC USPc w/ 3 mags, mock silencer, and Serpa holster, $140 shipped. Also, Gemtech and UHC springer no longer SPF.
  8. Bump. NC Star scope sold. Gemtech Mock Silencer and UHC M9 springer SPF. Multiple offers on the Glock. **Edit: Also, my apologies for not initially including a verification picture (I guess the rules have changed since the last time I was a seller). I have already sold some stuff and boxed up some other stuff, but I still have all of my larger items.
  9. Hello all! Welcome to my sale thread. Be sure to always check my latest posts for updates in pricing/availability. I will also be offering special deals from time to time! I will check PM's at least once a day, it's probably the best way to reach me but feel free to post in the thread as well. I am not that interested in trades, although I might consider GBBs. I'm not looking for any particular type, so feel free to make offers. Rules: Rule #1: There are no rules. Rule #2: That was a lie. Rule #3: Prices don't include shipping, unless it specifically says so. If you buy multiple items, I will be more inclined to offer to pay shipping. Rule #4: I do paypal only. Rule #5: I will ship everything [except the two AEGs] in Flat Rate USPS boxes, unless they either don't fit or you request a different method. Rule #6: If you want insurance or any other super special thing I don't know about, SAY SO!!! I will cover Delivery Confirmation on all items. Rule #7: All sales are final. I describe the items well, but if you are curious about anything feel free to ask. I won't lie. Rule #8: Shipping to the continental U.S. only. Here we go. First up, G&P M4A1 w/ Navy Seal body. What's included / value: 4x mid-caps - $60 approx 2x hi-caps - $30 approx 1x lo-cap - $10 approx 1x Red Dot sight - $50 approx 1x folding backup iron sight - $25 approx 1x 9.6v 2200 mah battery, wired to small tamiya (not pictured because it is currently in the handguard) - $30 approx 1x M4 mag pouch, OD - $5 approx 1x 510mm 6.03 madbull v2 tightbore barrel - $30 approx 1x Mock silencer - $30 approx If you add up the retail price of everything included, that’s well over $500 not even including shipping. I’m starting my asking at $300, but I will consider other offers. Details: it will require some wiring work. As I was removing the upper receiver from the lower to install the barrel, I found that G&P’s soldering work had made the wire connector too thick to pass through the gap that the wires usually go through, so I had to clip them. There will be some wiring included, but you might also just choose to install a new wiring set if you would prefer not to have to solder it yourself. In the process of trying to get wiring in/out of the gap, I also sanded down some parts of the inside of the upper receiver. You don’t see them unless you look inside the gun, and it has not damaged the gun in any way. It just creates more room to feed the wires through. However, I did also scratch the outer barrel, but you never see it because it’s on the bottom. Click to see here: http://I.imgur.com/Q17zeni.jpg Otherwise, the gun is brand new and I would not be selling it if I didn’t need the money… I bought it less than 2 months ago and only fired about 1 mag through it. These stock G&P models come shooting at about 400 FPS, and the RoF was good with the included 9.6v. Trademarks, click to view: http://I.imgur.com/FNOSSx9.jpg http://I.imgur.com/nOZRI4O.jpg “God will judge our enemies, We’ll arrange the meeting” Next up, G&G MP5. What's included / value: 5x hicap magazines – $75 approx 1x double mag hicap - $20 approx 1x OD MP5 pouch - $15 approx 1x 9.6v 1600 mah battery, wired to small tamiya (the gun is deans though) Adding up the retail price values this package at approximately $360, but I’m going to start by asking only $180. Couple issues though: -The safety doesn't work - when the selector is in safe position, the gun can still fire semi auto. It should just be a matter of re-aligning the tappet plate with the fire selector. -The stock is missing a body pin. The stock won't fall off though - you really have to yank it to take it off, which you have to do anyway to access the wires and battery. I guarantee it won't just fall off while in regular use. I have a bolt in place just in case. -Charging handle fell off. There is still enough of a knob that you can pull back the charging handle and lock it to open the bolt on the right side to adjust the hop up. -Threads are worn, will need cleaning up before using. Trademarks, click to view http://I.imgur.com/NuxEbyD.jpg Next up, a KSC GLOCK 18C, fully automatic GBB. Very nice quality – slide and outer barrel are both full metal and have awesome trademarks (click links below, I didn’t want to clutter the thread). The gun gets great gas efficiency. The only problem is that the magazines leak, but they will just need new o-rings. Includes: 1x extended magazine, holds approximately 50 rounds 2x standard magazine 1x KSC rocket valve (increases the power of each shot by releasing more gas, not installed) Trademarks, click to view: http://I.imgur.com/6SqFKRS.jpg http://I.imgur.com/lVRm3b4.jpg I’m leaving this one $ OBO. PM me and we will talk about price. Next, a KSC USP Compact Also amazing quality on this gun. Full metal slide and outer barrel, awesome trademarks as well, see below. The gas efficiency is also very good. As with the other gun, however, the magazines leak. They also just need new o-rings. If you want, I can also throw in a mock silencer with a thread adapter. However, the threads on the adapter got glued up and will require some tinkering to put back on. Doesn’t affect the gun in any way, of course. Includes: 3x standard magazine 1x SERPA holster, dark earth color Trademarks, click to view: http://I.imgur.com/5llZLch.jpg http://I.imgur.com/tJnSKaM.jpg Inside the shipping box, the gun will be inside a padded case as well. I'm leaving this gun $ OBO Next up are some Classic Army Torque Up gears. I traded some stuff for these, intending to put them in one of my old guns, but it never really needed them, so I'll just sell them. The guy I traded with said that whichever particular version these are retail for about $70. These are truly just up for offers, so I'll ask $70 OBO (OBO means you offer me a price, since obviously I don't expect $70). Next up… 1 – OD pouch, either for a radio or M14 mag, I’m not sure. Ask for this item along with your order and I might throw it in for free. 2 – OD metal mesh face mask – protect yo face. $10 3 – black James Leather M14 sling (can fit any rifle though) - $10 4 – random little radio, comes with a PTT mic/earpiece - $15 Flyye drop leg holster, OD. It holds one pistol (I’ve been able to fit the Glock, USPc, and a 1911 in there, it’s quite versatile) and two magazines inside the padding. I’ll also include a double pistol mag pouch. The first person to buy one of my two pistols listed above gets this item!! But I will also sell it if you’re interested in just this item. $ OBO OD Chest rig, I forget the brand. It will include the admin pouch in the picture. The chest rig itself holds several M4 magazines within the padding, might also fit other mags but I’m not sure. It looks black in the picture but is indeed OD green. $25 1 – GEMTECH mock silencer - $20 2 – UHC M9 springer – ask me about this item and I might throw it in with your order for free 3 – NC Star 4x30 scope - Sold! Thanks for looking, everybody! Let's get some deals rolling.
  10. Are you planning to weather it? Right now it looks too plain in my opinion. I'm not sure how the pros do it, but maybe if you just weathered some of it down (lightly sanded maybe), the black of the gunmetal would show through and it would look more realistic. You could add some light scratches too, just to give it an authentic look. Took a couple pics off of google, something like this is kind of what I was suggesting... I think if you even painted the stock/grip back to black that would look cool, just to add some contrast.
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