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  1. If you got that good a deal on the Cheytac, get it. At half what retail is that's a great deal.
  2. A2 would be TM, A1 would be CA or JG/E1 as they are the only companies that make them.
  3. Depends. Do you want a gun you can really skirmish with or do you want a gun that will look cool and just sit around? My choice would be the Sentry. The M200 just looks too big to skirmish, but you own the Barrett so I guess you would know. Edit: What about upgrading your other guns?
  4. Who makes the handguard you have on your AK? BTW I think it would look nicer with just a slant flash hider on it instead of the 74 type.
  5. Well, I took the M60 apart yesterday and put one strip of 100mph tape across the bottom section of the reciever and then reassembled the gun. I also found that two of the six hex screws are shorter than the rest; I think these go in the top two holes. The gun went from feeling flimsy to being rock solid. I'd try this with your E4 if the wobble gets too bad. Anyway, you have a really awesome collection, especially for being 13. Keep it up.
  6. Have you had any problems with the M60 being wobbly where the body and front end are connected? There are three hex screws on either side and mine are tight but there is still wobble up and down. I'm not 100% sure how to fix it. Can't wait to see that M60E3, it's my favorite style of M60. Where did you get it?
  7. Wow, and I thought I've owned alot of airsoft guns (45+). Definately a sweet collection you have there, how many of those do you still own?
  8. Looks good, but why does the flash hider look green? Or is it just the lighting?
  9. I think the scope is fine, maybe add a riser to it because it looks like it doesn't quite clear the front site. The M203 should be barrel mounted though, I do agree it doesn't look right with the RIS mount on standard handguards. I say ditch the M203 and get a foregrip.
  10. Guys, this thread is three years old....
  11. There is no such thing as an M16 length MRE rail. They only fit M4s. Your best bet if you want an MRE rail is to build a complete M4 upper receiver set and swap it out with your M16 upper.
  12. Yeah, that's what I meant. If done right it looks awesome. What kind of range do you get with it in stock form? And how do you like the magazine being in the proper place? That's what really made the rifle catch my eye.
  13. I think it looks great. I'd either keep it the way it is or paint the entire thing. Any upgrades?
  14. Man, that looks great. Nice and simple. How much did all the real parts cost you? (if you don't mind me asking)
  15. My guess is a Crosman. Isn't that the one that had the clear handguards?
  16. G&G AKMS with upgraded hopup bucking and a tightbore inner barrel extending through a PBS-1 suppressor. Reason: Extended hopup/barrel for outdoor rooftop to rooftop fighting, and collapsible stock for indoor room to room stuff.
  17. +1 on that. I don't have anything wrong with positions, ranks, etc in a screen name. If it is relevant to airsoft then I think it's OK. But I know what the guys are talking about that say otherwise, and respect their opinions. Was this directed at me? Not trying to start anything, just curious. And to GI's last post: You have a good point with the MP.net thing. The thread trashing goes both ways, but I've seen more guys start fights in airsoft threads than I have airsofters start fights in regular threads. Most of the time it's European guys being flamed for wearing rank or claiming to be Marines or something like that, which is understandable. It just gets old when you visit a thread to look at a few pics and there's pages and pages of flaming.
  18. Don't forget the flamers on other boards, especially milphotos.net. That's a whole 'nother breed of flamer, they get completely out of control. I've gone into some of the picture threads where one person posts a picture with good intentions, another person picks out the tiniest detail to pick on, and the everyone jumps of the flaming bandwagon. But your example of politicians is a good one, did you hear about the shipment of GBBRs seized by the ATF? $10,000 worth and reportedly it'll be destroyed. Here's an article. Really sad that they have nothing else to do but hate on our sport. Edit: Here is the store owner's point of view.
  19. Yep, so am I. I agree with what you and OpSic said about society going soft. People are so uptight about everything nowadays, especially anything about the military and stuff like that. They just don't see the other side of the argument. Those stereotypes you listed just begin to scratch the surface of how judgemental our society is. We got a real interesting conversation going on here, I'm enjoying reading it.
  20. Amen, man. I get crap like, "You spend way too much on airsoft, why don't you A: shoot real steel -OR- B: get a life." from people alot. Even some of the people I airsoft with. And they don't understand that A: I do shoot real steel on occasion and B: I do have a life. It gets old arguing the same topic over and over again. Anyway, I totally agree with what you said and appreciate you saying it.
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