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  1. Need some dealers too, best if in West Msia but East will also do for the moment.
  2. Haha, love to see others too, since I lived in KK the guys there didn't know about airsoft, and I felt very alien because people there think being a gun nut is strange/dangerous. I only recently just happen to stumble on some guys that play airsoft, VERY lucky... but I don't really think airsoft is hard to get? I mean I thought there wasn't any AT ALL airsoft in M'sia til July 2008, but when I met those dealers it kinda seemed like a good % of Msians like airsoft and guns.
  3. Haha, I spent 18 years in the dark in Malaysia, I only recently knew there were others like me in my country, I just got an AK but it costs a hell lot.. I have a few friends, which aren't really friends, more like contacts that play airsoft, but as I said, although it is illegal here, and I don't want to sound like I'm bad mouthing my own country, but the officials here are really loose, so I do know there are quite alot out there in the game. If you could get me some airsoft I'd be happy to get em from you, but getting through customs is another thing, and I don't want ya to get in trouble for me.
  4. 3D ranger, I'm sorry to say that Singapore strictly bans Airsoft, I have heard there is big interests in the sport there and some underground stuff but its hard to find. I myself am not singaporean but Malaysian, the country right next to Singapore, I have been there trying to see if I could find it there but there just aren't any, both countries have bans on airsoft and paintball is very new and fresh, and popular. I would say that in Malaysia I finally managed to snag myself a dealer, but it comes with an outrageous price tag, there are alot of airsoft activity in the capitol of Msia but you'd have to look in the suburban areas. Hit me up if you have any questions.
  5. Well, im not talking bout upgrades, I just heard G&G needs someone with experience with gearboxes to maintain properly, I for one have not a G&G, so I'm just handing over second hand opinion. Edit : Oh, maybe it was G&P... Sorry bout the mix up.
  6. If you're new, I heard G&Gs would require some experience in gearboxes or money for someone who would help you with your gearboxes, in my opinion go for Dboys.
  7. Haha, sorry, I was just guessing but it is very hard to make that screw up. The bucking is the rubber on the top of the inner part of the barrel I think....
  8. Maybe change the bucking? Or maybe you're using 8mms when you should be using 6mms, just guessing.
  9. Well, As far as I know everyone here plays with stock AEGs and normally a better spring. This topics gettin old, time to start a new one.
  10. Well, thanks dudes. I'm weeping for my money... seriously. But unfortunately in Malaysia everyone pays the same price, I asked around and said that I in fact got off easy, since its hard to get by customs.
  11. Was the server down? Sorry for the late reply... but I need to correct you, it says you need special permits BUT how are you going to obtain special permits? Its the same as in Australia, paintball licenses are allowed because you say you want to paintball, they ask why airsoft? You want to airsoft? Why because it looks real and can be used to rob a bank? It hurts less than paintball? Too bad... The police here are not as highly trained as other countries so they'd rather not have airsoft to deal with. There is no way I could get a license unless I can pull some strings, or have a filming permit and use it for a movie. I don't know, I'm pissed off about the rules. But unlike Australia, Malaysia's cops aren't that smart which makes it possible to smuggle them in easier, its just the dealer jaking the price up. Anyway... I asked some dudes I met in my country for airsoft, they paid the price too, I find it hard to believe them but they said most of the money is used for bribes to smuggle the stuff in. Lastly, Malaysia doesn't suck, the government sucks.. I do love my country, its great, cheap living costs, its all wonderful. Well, thanks anyway dudes, I'm pretty happy with the results although the AK was only USD100-150... Could you tell me how your bro gets his airsoft Cryozen? I want to try.
  12. Yeah, considered that too, but what can I do? Ask him for a receipt? I would seem like a cop then wouldn't I?
  13. You don't get it dude, this is the only dealer I could find, if I go to him again wouldn't it be the same thing? I mean, not to sound like a baby, but this really sucks, I guess all of it wasn't worth it. And just to clarify, I didn't know the brand, the AK was modded but I just don't have experience to tell what was modded, and lastly I DO know the prices for airsoft in the US and in other countries. I just thought since a full metal gearbox would cost around 500-600 so with the gun which is about 100-150 would be around 700 and more for his fee since it isn't easy getting the stuff in.
  14. Dudes, yeah I know its expensive, at 1st I thought the guy had the body changed with a metal body and stuff, but I don't really know, so I thought it was a metal gear box that made it so expensive. The guy is reliable as he has his own shop, not publicly for airsoft, I asked around and the price of other guns like the CA M14 was much higher. He said something about shipping the stuff through freights so there were heavy taxes or payments, I don't know. Anyway, it is real expensive and I know that man, but its not like I could go to other countries and bring them in. Back to business, if its a JG, isn't it supposed to have a brand marking or something? The grip is what I think really hard rubber or plastic, it is quite sturdy but it could just be old rubber. The pistol grip is the same material as the grip. And what year was the JG released? Okay, thanks guys, your 'overwhelming response' really encourages me. If anyone has some good ideas just pm me or say so, I do not live in the US so its hard for me. Edit: Okay okay, I guess it is stupid to get the gun for that price, guess I'll never play airsoft.
  15. Well, if its against forum rules sure I won't do it. Anywho the box is mostly black, any info on that gun?
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