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  1. It's a joke...please do not get all worked up about this, you need to learn when to laugh. =p
  2. Schatz


    Air Force? You should go JTAC or TACP. =]
  3. So being an Active Duty Soldier in Iraq is the same as working at Krispy Kreme? Funny... I didn't smell donuts at Basic, RIP, or anywhere in Baghdad. Krispy Kreme = Non-deployable unit? I guess I need to PCS.
  4. The V2 Super 9 comes with a threaded No Scare Orange Tip. Unscrew it and the outer barrel is threaded.
  5. Schatz


    90% of everyone who wants to be a Ranger, changes their mind Week 1 of RIP. Trust me I did. But once you're there, you can't go back. It's either try your hardest and barely pass (me), or try your hardest and fail out. No one goes above and beyond in Ranger; they won't let you. And for everyone wanting to be "OMG SPECIAL FORCES DELTA!!!" There is no school for "DELTA." The only recruitment process for SF is selection. You don't get to choose. They pick you. The only school you get to CHOOSE to go to is RIP and Ranger school. Wanna be highspeed? Pick a COMBAT ARMS MOS, go to a highspeed unit, Airborne, or Air Assualt.
  6. Wow... I just got the Super 9 V2.5 a couple days ago, and it's all metal. It hits hard and after zeroing and adjusting the hopup it's pretty accurate up to about 140 feet. I still need to do some adjusting. Forget the shells, it comes with two 30 round clips anyway. Yes, CLIPS, not magazines. They clip on the side of the barrel. Personally, I like my Super 9.
  7. Just got a brand new BOYI M4 AEG with RIS. It's all plastic... =/ But it was free. There's some movement between the barrel and body of the gun. Is there a way I can fix this? Thanks.
  8. Schatz


    Everyone can thank us by getting us out of this sh*t country. =]
  9. Schatz


    Fisters lead the way. "Fister hard, fister deep."
  10. Haha this topic was created in the date I deployed... =[ My farthest kill would have to be around 165 with SWAT X9 V2 stock.
  11. Any idea where I can find that silencer? I need one to put on my UHC SWAT X9...
  12. No, we're really not supposed to have Airsoft guns out here lol, shhhh... Ya I figured it out after unscrewing some stuff. Thanks.
  13. Does anyone know where I can find a LM14 Silencer? Thanks. EDIT: Are there any silencers that actually silence? Or are they all just barrel extensions?
  14. My rifle is too long for me to carry around in my usual gun bag. Im in Iraq so I don't have time to order a bag for it. Is there anyway I can take the barrel off to transport it? Thanks. EDIT: Also if anyone knows any quick upgrades or maintainence tips for this rifle, feel free to give me some.
  15. Schatz


    This kid will go through Basic and AIT and be like "F*ck That." Haha add another Gun Bunny to the battery...
  16. Still unable to access any of the Hidden Forums. Am I not qualified enough? Maybe I should have a Combat Jump or two? Lol j/k.
  17. The best part is being REAL Military and calling out all the "Special Forces" 16 year olds who think Airsoft is anything like real combat. P.S. It's not.
  18. Specialist in United States Active Army. Currently my company Forward Observer deployed to Camp Taji, Iraq. Prices of Airsoft isn't really a problem. <3 Deployment pay.
  19. Schatz


    They got me on Blackhawks right now. It's fun, I like it.
  20. Schatz


    If that means you'll be a door gunner on an aircraft, that's what I do now.
  21. That does kinda help put it in perspective, thanks.
  22. "Bringing your weapon up to aim quickly" - Reflexive Fire "Scanning an area" - Firing Sectors Joining the Marines? I'm Army myself, but nonetheless good luck! Do me a favor though, don't train off FM 90-10. A lot of people do and they shouldn't, it's rarely updated. I posted the updated Marines Wartime Notes on Operation Phantom Fury in the Tatics forum. I've trust those notes with my life and would do it again.
  23. AGAIN, I am NOT bashing Airsoft. I'm not getting worked up. Just casually talking about something that has been on my mind as of late. I'm just thinking aloud. And to be quite honest, it's not all MILSIM players that get to me, and no offense to the young guys, but it always seems to be a younger less mature Airsoft player who is guilty of my OP.
  24. And this is where this topic comes to a breaking point. Because it's one of those things, "You wouldn't know unless you've experienced it..." I couldn't begin to tell you everything I went through to get my Airborne wings, my tab, and unit patch... My last 2 cents: It is illegal for any actor/actress to wear any authentic authorized Military uniform that abides by that branches regulations in any production that is not a documentary. This means that any war movie you watch or any other movie for that matter will NOT have a Military uniform by regulation or "up to standard." Ex: Patches may be missing, wrong headgear, name tape reversed, missing pockets, etc. So if MILSIM players are really "actors" like a previous poster states, then why shouldn't they abide by this?
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