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  1. My DE came today, the metal version, and I have to say I love it. The 18c is fun especially with the full auto but the DE is just amazing. Tons of power, kick, and its heavy, I think its got to weigh close to 3 lbs. The only thing thats confusing me is gasing up any gun. Sometimes the second I put the can of green gas (I got three and thn I'm switching to reg. propane) on the valve gas will spray out and refuse to go into the mag so it seems full and other times I'll have the can on the magazine for 3, 10 second cycles and it will sound like its filling and just never end. How long on average does it take to fill a magazine? There's definitely something wrong with what I'm doing.
  2. I've decided to just buy the metal slide/threaded outer barrel since I already sold the five seven to a friend and broke even cash wise... it really is a gun. I kindof do like the idea of the 8mm bb though.
  3. I just found this, I'm wondering if it would fit the KSC/KWA even though its for a Marui. Is the Marui EBB 18c a 1:1 with the real Glock just like the KSC/KWA? http://www.trinityairsoft.com/p-225-g18c-m...base-slide.aspx
  4. Yea I got them all at once, I'm reading alot of bad things about the five-seven but I don't really care (the main reason I got it was just because it was my favorite sidearm in CS and I only want it mainly to plink with along with the socom), the 18c is the one I really care about. I want to do the metal slide (KSC for the real Glock logos) plus the threaded barrel for a silencer, is this the only choice out there for a threaded barrel? http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=2592
  5. Thanks alot SilentK and moptop, I assumed the duster was the same as 134a without any lube in it but I just wanted to make sure before I gassed up any mags. So when I sub propane for green gas I should just add a drop or 2 of silicone oil then too and I should be good to go right? And would you suggest adding the oil with each charge or at some different interval? At the store I bought the Five-Seven from, they said I can run it with green gas for more power but theres a chance it will wear out parts sooner. Do you guys have any idea about how much faster if it does (I assume it will because of the higher pressures) because I wouldn't mind some more power out of it but if its going to kill my new almost $200 gun fast I'll stick with the 134a. Thanks for helping out a gas gun noobie, I think I'll be on this site alot more seeing as you have alot of knowledgeable members on here.
  6. Thanks alot, is 134a and duster the same though? Will they have the same amount of power?
  7. I just ordered a couple gas pistols, the Marushin Five-Seven 8mm, KWA Glock18c, KWC Desert Eagle .50AE, and a YP SOCOM MK23. I also ordered some green gas, the AI propane and duster adapters and silicone lube. What I don't understand is which guns should use the green gas and which should use the duster, or if there is another gas that I should be using for them. I've never owned a gas pistol before so I'm really confused about the whole propane/green gas/134a/duster situation, and are duster and 134a the same thing? If someone could clear that up me and my friends would appreciate it. Thanks alot.
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