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  1. I sent you a PM regarding an air rig, I did not receive a response. Does that mean you're not interested? Otherwise I wouldn't be very sure how to interpret that.
  2. I've always liked raindrop pattern, but I rarely see it as a full kit. Very nicely done.
  3. The other issue is that PTS PMAGs have literally no advantages over cheaper and, sometimes, superior airsoft products. They can't claim to be a golden standard in durability, reliability, etc. because they aren't. Literally the only userbase they appeal to are Magpul fans, and so they're manufactured and sold on a scale and price tooled towards that. Also, real-steel magazines, while "designed to handle live ammunition", are not any more impressive for that. Magazines bear no load in a real firearm, are Soviet-level simple to manufacture, and are designed (in theory) to be disposable. They're arguably more complex than their airsoft counterparts, which load 100+ 6mm balls through sometimes multiple turns and switchbacks.
  4. A good deal cheaper if you're willing to wait. Same product. http://www.ebairsoft.com/aabb-aluminum-aks74u-p-6178.html
  5. In the high area of that temperature range (~50F) then a standard AEG or, to a lesser degree, gas pistol will work fine. For lower in the range, a spring bolt action is probably your best bet. Otherwise, for a significantly larger cost anything powered by HPA (High Pressure Air) is what I'd recommend. If you're using a power source that isn't affected by cold temperatures (air, or a manually-actuated spring mechanism) then moving parts will be your largest concern, as they can become brittle and break easily in below-freezing temperatures. Therefore, Polarstar Fusion system HPA guns and 'BV' (bullet valve) classic airsoft guns would be ideal, as their power source is rarely affected adversely by cold temperatures, and they contain an extremely low number of moving parts. A standard 'blowback' gas airsoft gun could be easily adapted for HPA by replacing the magazine fill valve with an HPA fitting, but I wouldn't recommend it. Prices for HPA guns start a ways above $500 for a Polarstar, and somewhere above $200 for a 'skirmishable' Classic, although the latter can be found much cheaper by sacrificing performance and, to a smaller degree, external quality.
  6. I'll take it. I had some guy asking sipteen, people are ridiculous these days.
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