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  1. I have a budget of about $700 maybe more, but hopefully less. I have decided to get an A&K SR25 because I think it would give me the best bang for my buck. Remember the budget includes the gun, accessories, and upgrades. I'm looking to get the best DMR build for $700, which means I need the best range and accuracy as I can get and I don't need a high ROF. I've read most of the stickies, and know my way around an airsoft gun a little so I know the parts. I need someone to point me to good upgrade options, thanks in advance.
  2. I need the SR25 design though so I am just going to go with the A&K SR25
  3. I'm using these two guns for a reason, I'm making a Seal kit and these are really the only ones that are approved to make a kit with. I like the CA EBR but it only comes in black, and I need the chassis in silver. The only other one than Kart's EBR the comes in silver is the G&P EBR which comes at a hefty price tag that is over my budget. So I guess the A&K SR25 would be the decision, or should I get a CA or G&G? Is it worth it in the long run? Because I'm looking to upgrade pretty heavily and the A&K seems to be a good choice.
  4. I'm looking to get a DMR and I have a limited budget, $700 maybe more but hopefully cheaper (including upgrade costs). I'm really looking at the A&K SR25, since it leaves money for accessories and upgrading and seems pretty decent. I'm looking for SR25's or M14 EBR's, I was looking at the KART M14 EBR but was unsure of the quality and weight. I was wondering if I should get a CA or G&G SR25, but I'm upgrading it anyway and don't see a benefit in getting a high end brand. I need help choosing a DMR base and keep in mind my budget includes accessories and upgrades.
  5. I wanna see that paint job, it'll look sweet. Though PEQ15's are cool, I still like the classic PEQ2's...
  6. Yea bedroom pics for the lose, get better ones. Is that rig RG or OD?
  7. Yea that AI MBITR is a to find, though Pantac just made a replica of it and it looks correct on redwolf in RG too.
  8. New Items being addded- Paraclete RAV, 3 color, Medium - $425 Good condition, dirt from regular usage. Paraclete shingle, Coyote - $35 Paraclete med GP, Coyote - $35 Paraclete shingle, 3 color - $30 Paraclete Double Double M4 pouch, 3 color - $35 Eagle Plate Carrier no c/, Black, L/XL - $110 New, with tags. Eagle m4 pouch subload, black - $50 Eagle 100 round SAW pouch, MJK - $40 Eagle Gas Mask Carrier pouch, MJK - $40 Eagle SR-25 Double Mag Pouch - $22 Eagle, Some kind of Plate/utility pouch, Coyote - Offer anything Looking for SFLCS MLCS stuff and a Mich.
  9. AAHAHAHA I can't believe I missed this, this is too good.
  10. Yea FR rocks, btw the flightsuits are sage green not OD.
  11. That's actually replica MARPAT (link) and the one that has black in it (pic) is issue. So the one linked is not the new style, the one in the pic is the only style.
  12. Bump, will be adding pics of a tri-color RAV, 2 shingle, a double double mag pouch, and a large GP pouch.
  13. They're $85, but whatever. Just get an ALICE rig then.
  14. I'm sorry, those are definitely real marines. I'm selling real marpat if you check my account.
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