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  1. Imagine if your smacked someone in the head with that thing....Or worse-hitting the tv
  2. I know, I thought it was just a cool video
  3. So I came across this and it looks pretty legit Im joking I know its the onion
  4. Still at $230 shipped Now looking for gear, anything traded must add $100 -Mostly pmc type stuff or maultican, camo, vests, hats/coverings I will also add extra security to any purchase, phone number, facebook, email
  5. Ya I have 1, Which was a rip up cus I bought it for $7 and I could have got 10 for $30 lol Its a great mag but like said before you need to break them in,,,,and don't excessively drop it or pound on it...Its plastic so I just don't trust ut
  6. Man your gun and kit look amazing Good job
  7. I have a good ics mp5 for $110 shipped,,,Front body tabs are broken and the fire selector is missing Comes with -1 hicap -1 midcap -thread adapter For $100 shipped
  8. Would you take my g3 and mp5 for the stock gun
  9. omg I just died inside lol If it was a cool color scheme it might look pretty good
  10. You know you want both my guns for this just because I live near cqb mhmmm
  11. K this is my last wanted thread I want to trade my tm/echo1 hybrid g3 package with an estimated value around $500 for a bar-10 What I want -Upgraded bar-10s -If not upgraded must include amazing stuff or a pistol -Must work Pm me with details and we can work something out...I may even add my ics mp5 if the deal is good enough
  12. $230 shipped with everything but 4 mags, final drop Yes there is some crap goin on over on asb that my brother started, Because of this I will go out of my way and make a safer transaction for anyone who deals with me... Im willing to trade both guns for an upgraded sniper rifle, preferable bar-10 because I have 6 mags laying around I also want a daypack so ill trade you something for a woodland one
  13. No the later model 416 actually qualified higher than the xm8...all problems were fixed on it and the blow back mechanism makes it so the bolt never heats up which requires less cleaning Do I get extra points for making a loadout that goes with my gun
  14. looks pretty good Im looking to run this...Tell me if you think itll look ok -bdu pants -cb bandoleer -3 cb fast mags -black belt with cb dump pouch -black shirt -black boots -cb shemagh -black hat
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