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  1. RULES -Paypal only -Include shipping in the price -I prefer to pay afterward unless you can provide positive feedback (I already have positive feedback on my profile) -Must provide a picture with your Forum name and the date it is taken written by hand within the picture -Must provide contact information. I prefer to be able to send a text to confirm a sellers number just to make sure I can get into contact with them if anything goes wrong on either end. I am looking for a double barrel sawed off airsoft shotgun and any of the following models is fine: Hwasan Hudson TW Wa Shan I only want the metal and wood version, NOT than the plastic and faux wood or combination of plastic and metal or plastic and wood. I do not require the gun to have any shells, but if it does it is up to you if you want to sell them with it as I have no real need for them. I have $100 lying around from a previous gun I sold, so I am looking to spend around this number but realize it is a bit low, and will be considering other offers.
  2. I am think about buying one of the Sawed off Mad Max type shotguns and trying to modify it to fit the airsoft surgeon buck shot shells. I have been told that these shells are pin fired, and I know that this is how the sawed off shells work so I do not think the firing mechanism will be any issue. My question is about the sizes of these products. If anyone has access to these products I would be ever so thankful if they could measure the diameter of the barrel (at the base/nearest the trigger) from inside edge to inside edge, and the shell diameter and the business end from outside edge to outside edge. I am 99% sure they will not fit, but I am wondering how much I would have to do to the sawed off barrel to get them to fit. Additionally, f anyone has any comment on the build, they are always welcome to share.
  3. So I know a lot of people do not like to/know how to work on gear boxes, myself included. I was just wondering what you guys thought about a company or person making custom gearboxes and selling them. Not custom shells or anything, but someone who would make a drop-in gearbox for specific fps, or a high rof, or durability, etc. Has anyone tried this before, or are we just stuck with the prebuilt ones from the manufacturers.
  4. I would go over the gear box including type, and how well it is actually put together. What I mean is that you should open it up and discuss if the gears will need reshimming, if you can see any weak points, if they sent it in need of lubrication, basically anything that may be off. I would also talk about actual experience with the gun. It is one thing to sit in a car or look upon it with all of the specs, it is another thing to do a test drive, and it is still another experience to take the thing around a track.
  5. I will first start with the positives. The video is done maturely which is a huge step in the right direction for youtube airsoft reviews. Now, the camera work, and editing are pretty elementary, but my largest complaint by far is what is actually discussed. If I know anything about airsoft, then I already know how the sight/butt plate/charging handle/hop up/ mag release all work and I do not need the information, nor does it constitute a review. If I do not know about airsoft then all of this information can be found in the manual, even if it is in a foreign language because there are pictures for all of these features. EDIT* for sp
  6. Let me Google that for you. They are really cheap stand alone, so it would probably be easier to just buy them from a retailer than from a random person on the internet.
  7. To know if I put the gearbox together correctly. I wouldn't have a motor or anything. Is there a way to tell without assembling a gun?
  8. 1) This is just personal preference. I've played anywhere from 1 v 1 to 5 v 5 (not a huge playing field) and had a blast throughout. 2) ...this one is true... 3) Be careful in your backyard. If it is not large enough for your neighbors to be unable to see it, then let them know what you are shooting so they do not worry about it being a real steel firearm. 4) Most fields do not allow blind firing (shooting from behind cover without a line of sight) 5) If you are just starting, there is no need to drop any big money on a sidearm. Get a cheap springer if you are really worried 6) I have never seen the need for a scout in sports of this nature (airsoft or paintball). Sure it helps to communicate, but to say one person should barely shoot is not smart. Why limit your position so heavily?
  9. If I have a future gun in mind for when I feel comfortable with gear boxes, should I learn on that type, or just get a feel for gear boxes in general?
  10. I know most people post criteria like range and model and such, but what I am really looking for is the best gun to learn on. I have had AEGs in the past, but when they broke I was SOL since I did not know how to work on them. I have taken apart a G&G Scar-L once, but have no way to tell if it was even put back together correctly as the gun was not firing prior to opening it up, and I could not find any of the suggested issues upon opening it up. I know that working on guns is an integral part of the hobby, so I am looking for the easiest, or most efficient gun to work on. What price should I spend if I am inexperienced? What model and brand would be the best to learn on? What gearbox? What should I try when I do get it? *Edit: I am wanting to work on an M14 DMR somewhere in the future. Should I learn on the V.7 system or still start with the basics?
  11. What exactly is an SCS? I know what buckings are but, the SCS acronym leaves me confused.
  12. So I have been searching for reviews for the G&G M14 EBR but have found very little information. There are the ASGI videos ( and ) and the Ajax "review" , but I have yet to find a decent written review, or a more in depth video. Do you think this is because it was just a body change on a standard M14 so there is not much worth talking about? Have you seen any other reviews that are any good?
  13. They are slightly different shapes. Look at the pictures side by side and ou can see some our more round while others of longer.
  14. I love it. You're definitely ready for bandits, zombie, or whatever else is thrown at you.
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