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  1. Recently added a bunch more guns to the boneyard and dropped the prices on many more. Keep in mind the %20 off and free shipping also applies to boneyard items. Get them while you can.
  2. Get %10 off your entire order plus free shipping at Trinity Airsoft. Check out our large selection of guns, accessories, and tactical gear.
  3. Get 10% off plus FREE UPS Ground shipping on orders over $150. Use coupon code 10OFF at checkout. Offer good through Saturday July 7th.
  4. Just received the JG AU-1G, AU-2G, AU-3G Metal RIS back in stock. It's been a while but they are finally back. Get the AU-1G for $149.95, the AU-2G for $184.72, or the AU-3G METAL RIS for $260.43. Quantities are limited. Get them fast.
  5. Just received a shipment with a restock of the KWA ATP and G36C. Come get your G36C for $285 or an ATP for $129.95
  6. We now have the SOCOM Gear Punisher back in stock. Two tone black and silver 1911 with silver compensator. Comes with hard shell case. $160
  7. Just restocked on Intellect batteries. Been out of stock for a while but they are finally here. 8.4, 9.6, brick, split, lots of different styles. http://www.trinityairsoft.com/c-5-batterie...esadapters.aspx $26.77 $26.77 $20.95
  8. We now have the Magpul PTS Masada ACR back in stock. Black, Dark Earth, and Foliage Green. $480. Excellent gun.
  9. We now have the Echo1 SOB in stock. These guns shoot 350-370 fps and around 800 rounds per minute. If you want something to stand out from all the M4's and AK's out there then this is the gun you need.
  10. I would recommend looking at something like this: https://www.trinityairsoft.com/p-751-tsd-sd...irsoft-gun.aspx It is shooting 450+ out of the box with .20 which is close to the FPS that you are requiring. This one: https://www.trinityairsoft.com/p-1777-well-...iper-rifle.aspx is shooting 480+ out of the box.
  11. Just receive a huge restock of some of our most popular models. The KWA KM4A1, KWA KM4 RIS, KM4 SR10, and the popular line of AK, the CM028. As always, free shipping on orders over $99 with coupon code FREESHIPPING
  12. Something you may want to check into is if any of the fields you plan on playing at have a FPS limit. Some CQB fields have a 350fps limit. You may want to take a look at something like this: https://www.trinityairsoft.com/p-1211-jg-m4...irsoft-gun.aspx
  13. Just added the DBoy R.D.W. Almost identical in performance and features to the Bravo R.D.W except at a much lower price. Only $199.95 plus free shipping with coupon code FREESHIPPING
  14. Check out the Echo1 gun case for only $16. 34", 41", and 47" to fit most all guns. Quarter inch thick padding. Shoulder strap and carrying handle. Can't beat the price.
  15. Check out the new lever action Bravo 1892 airsoft rifle. Features a metal body and polymer wood stock. Gas powered. If your into the realistic side of airsoft, this is an awesome gun. Only $185 and free shipping with coupon code FREESHIPPING.
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