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  1. well in this case the 32s vs the 30 really wont make much of a difference my personal favorite (having used both) are the .3s simply because they are of higher quality and are lighter than the 32s Plus theywill be moving faster for longer...think of it....who wins a race? fat albert or Scott Stevens? <<Devils player for those who don't know lol sure fat al will have more mass when he hits but scottys gonna be moving hella faster and at that range fat al is really tired and is just floating out there while scotty still has some umph behind him Just my 2 cents hope you understand the analogy :P
  2. we have an 18+ team with a private field in bergen county PM me if youre interested were a very active team with around 40 members we play every sunday again pm me for info
  3. we play every sunday one question...how old are you
  4. would u take 300 plus a ghillie suit? just tell me what kind of trades your interested in because I have a ton of guns
  5. are you guys going to balikastan? (filforce game) and im part of a competitive team from bergen county....were about 30 members strong....most are 18+ ill talk to the heads and see what they say... we have a private field so I don't know if theyll accept but ill see what they say how many members do you have how much experience
  6. cool thanks that worked and one more ? when I try and fill one of the shells it just shoves all the bbs to the end like its expelling them but the gas is just going in the intake and right out the outupt
  7. Just bought an M79 from my friend It came with 4 shells My question is when I open them to clean them how can I get the damn bearings back in place!!! Its next to impossible!!!
  8. I honestly think I am going to...I lost about 1000 dollars in guns....
  9. Ok so I was loading up my car for a game when a neighbor called the cops saying I had illegal weapons. The cops showed up and when they asked to see the weapons I complied. I showed them my TM scorpion and TM P90. They then took them and melted them with road flares. I had my gun permit and orange tips. So WTF!!!!!!!
  10. oh aight sick yeah the team limit is 16 so were a legit team can you PM me your contact info so I can have our team rep give you a call?
  11. we got a bergen county team...ill have the guys get in touch with you first off how old are you
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