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    -CYMA 1911 (spring...) -SIG SAUER P226 (spring) -WA SV Infinity 6" Standard Double Stack -TM M1911A1 -TM MP7A1 -JG Krinkov (being converted to a Vintorez) -JG SVD Dragunov (converted to Zastava M91)
  1. Prokiller. But since its not an option, Tiki!
  2. *Eyes pop out of head* You have a PM my dear sir
  3. I'm super biased, but considering how long it takes to reload a shotgun, I'd recommend putting the shotgun money into GBB upgrades and mags
  4. Perhaps there was too much grease on my sears because the problem fixed itself and the gun shoots semi-only once again... (which is more than welcome) They specifically make TM aftermarket outer barrels that were one piece with the chamber that accomplishes this but I saw that StrikeFreedom of Airsoft Canada actually did this to his TM and posted the mod somewhere in their giant 1911/Hi-Capa thread. Its increasingly hard to source a Western Arms R-Type chamber made of any metal so I figured that if there was nothing touching it, nothing would break.
  5. Do not attempt to perform a no-tilt barrel mod (which works on TMs) to a Magna/R-Type WA... unless you want a full auto slide... On the plus side, a double stack magazine holds enough gas to cycle through all 30 shots!
  6. Hey ASF, I have a task for you. I'm thinking of modifying a pistol mag by augmenting a Thompson mag to turn the pistol mag into an frankenstein extended mag. Can anyone please shoot me photos of the internals of the Tokyo Marui 190 round Thompson magazine and get down the dimensions of the mechanism? Bobby
  7. Looking for a WA Slide Stop. Any blow-back incarnation (they all work interchangeably), any color, but black and extended is prefered. Hit me up!
  8. If anyone has this part on hand, can you please measure the OD of the tube end which gets inserted into the outer barrel?
  9. No they aren't, and check out WGCshop for a black OEM replacement $22something shipped to the US, or a silver CNCed stainless steel one from ProG4. All WA slide catches are compatible with each other (their various blowback systems) edit: forgive me, I read too fast, let me go see if they're interchangeable. The above was for a slide catch. For ambi-safeties you'd have to go with ProG4 if they have any in stock. If not, start scouring the other asian sites: UNCompany, Den Trinity, Redwolf, there might be differences between the different blowback systems so do your research. Check out the DeadCellAirsoft or TradersAirsoft forums since there's much more WA information there then there is here...
  10. I can say from experience, being a silent pistol assassin gets more "nice shot" or a thumbs up than intimidation from other people so I picked the sniper. There's the new guys that are pretty harmless unless you get caught just standing around, but if you ever come across someone running an HPA rig that knows his/her gun, I'd be scared (same goes for any classic equipped with an LRB)
  11. Free bump for a super cool classic MGC and a single stack R-Type Infinity missing its SV grips!
  12. Not even just the hyperlinks? Use an upload service like imageshack or tinypic
  13. Oye, I had hoped it was a Tanaka but I can try. And if the box came with an exploded diagram of the gun, a scan/picture of that would be helpful (all I can do is guess at this point so when the pictures go live hopefully someone that has taken it apart before knows what to do)
  14. In the ad you can see that a barrel attachment to make the gun 18 inches cost $100! Digicon made an M92F [1990], MP5A5 [1996], Desert Eagle (normal and 10" variant) [1997], the Digicon Straight Custom (6" and 10" and custom order barrels seen in the ad with its magazine based off of the previous Desert Eagle) [2000], and the Thompson Contender which they called the Digicon Target (various lengths) [2001] KM made aftermarket spin-control-system (SCS) barrels back in the day, and I forget what company it was but there were also hammer spring upgrades, and I read of a reliability upgrade for use with propane made by KM but I've never seen pictures of it. If anyone knows anything else feel free to chip in!
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