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  1. how can I access this? I have tried the link but its billing me the whole price.
  2. yes they don't come with the hop, they come with LRB's or long range barrel, the whole length of the barrel serves as a hop. no rubber to cause friction or slowdown the bb's. actually there is still some classics being sold here in Japan, but its being sold by individuals not the companies that made them.
  3. What kind of M16A2 do you have? is it a carbine? if its a carbine, start by un screwing the retractable butt part, then remove the two pins in the receiver just like a real M16, now you have an upper ang a lower receiver, if you have a lever in your lower receiver, let it be, don't mess with it, like removing the trigger or removing the fire selector switch. now on the upper receiver side, start by uncrewing the 3 flower shape screws, if you don't have that, pull the cocking handle, the main chamber and sub chamber should come out with it. if it does not move at all, the innards I mean, let it be. now remove the fore grip start at the delta ring side. that done, now you need a hex screw, uncrew the little hex nut near the flashider to remove that assembly. that done you should now have a nice look at your inner barrel. now unscrew the hex nut on the receiver side. that done, now you have ruin your new classic. lol
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