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  1. Bump. Offer up any trades at this point.
  2. The VSR hop up is just a higher quality hop up. There is more QC and it's cut perfectly. The mods Noobie does do help, but it's still recommended to get a TM precision chamber and then buy his TDC chamber.
  3. It sounds like your spring guide stopper isn't being placed in all the way. Could you get us some pictures of the cylinder, trigger and receiver completely taken apart? You may also need to oil up your cylinder and the guide rings. It could also be the spring guide is coming loose. We won't really know until we see some photos.
  4. tototime

    TM L96

    I'd try x-fire.org for upgrade parts. It's hard to come by upgrades for that gun. I believe it uses odd specs, but x-fire has some. For 328, maybe a laylax 100 or 110.
  5. SOA Listing: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/WTT-KWA-...S2-t191330.html
  6. I would go with the TM Precision Hopup unit. It will greatly improve distance and accuracy. Plus, the bucking they give you is one of the best. Edit: Forgot to add, make sure your barrel is cut to accept VSR style buckings. In order to get the longer length, you would have to custom order through Edgi for him to make one that works with a VSR hop.
  7. +1 You have to mix and match the parts that give you the best results. Polarstar has also been doing an excellent job recently.
  8. tototime


    You need to open up the cylinder. Great guide for disassembly found here http://www.airsoftretreat.com/oldforums/to...?TOPIC_ID=82367
  9. When I had my type 96, I used the takedown video by the black Thompson. He lost his screw too. He used duct tape to secure the mag catch. If you have barrel spacers to stabilize the barrel and hop, it may be a good temporary solution.
  10. Looking to trade a KWA USP .45 NS2 system. It has about 200 rounds fired through it. It is missing a front sight but has no other issues. Comes with one working mag. I am mainly looking for AEP's, MP7's, MP5K's, etc. Has about 100 trade value.
  11. Ahh, so you are at the place where scoutthedoggie, from youtube, films? He makes some cool videos?
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