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  1. Yup I did make a kuba build but it did not work that well. Like George said the builder has one, and I have one in my hands and am working on a review now. It does require a battery for the valve but other than that nothing else.
  2. I am working on a project for a friend from across the ocean. So I am looking for the outer barrel so I can get the measurements correct, and make sure things are good to go for him. So if anyone has an upgraded 10/22 that they are not using the outer barrel for, please let me know and I would be willing to take it off your hands for you.
  3. The guys you were playing with just suck... plain and simple. It doesn't matter if you have the best gun out on the field, if you don't know how to employ your weapon then it is useless. I personally love to play against players better than myself....why....because it will make you a better player overall. We have a few guys with the P*, and they think they are the best thing ever. But as soon as they hit the field they have no idea what a tactic is, and no clue what they are doing. So even through they have the Really Cool buzz saw of a rilfe, they don't get anybody out of the game. It will always come down to the player.
  4. I have had barrels as long as 600mm and as short as 260 in my sniper rifles. There is no real advantage to the long barrels, all you are doing is making your rifle longer and harder to move out in the field. I would be more worried about the consistency of the inner barrel over the length. Just know that the shorter the inner barrel the more work on your hop up you are going to have to do.
  5. If you haven't bought the rifle yet...... don't it sucks. If you already bought the rilfe.... sell it and get something else. There really isn't much that can be done to the rifle. It doesn't make sence to upgrade the cylinder, when you can't upgrade the trigger group. You can keep it at the FPS that it is, but being an ARES rilfe it will self implode. Tip for next time.....stay away from ARES rifles. Yes they do look great, but they were never ment to be used in actual games. And if sniping is new to you...... stick with an AEG and learn more about the sport first. All you are going to do is get in the way and be usless to your team. don't wanna sound like a douche....but we have all seen it to many times before.
  6. Have you ever used miles gear?? It sucks a big one, not only are they a pain in the butt to use and set up ( well that is when the darn things actually do work ) You might as well drag your weapon though a muddy bog and let it rust shut. Apples and oranges man... both are completely different things.
  7. That is awesome news.... also found this... :D:D:D::D
  8. If it is indeed an exact clone, I would hope it would be about half the price. These still seem to be close to the TM price at the moment are they not? And to me personally I would rather spend an extra $50 for the brand name rifle, and know that all the internals are quality. That and the stock TM L96 can be a very decent rifle ;)
  9. You should have waited to tell what it was.... because I actually knew :D Having owned the TM L96, this actually looks like a fairly good clone.
  10. No coyote not at you. People are just trying to get things done because peoples wounds are still sore, and are playing off of emotions.
  11. You do realize that Yahoo is not the best source for news information right ;) There are far more crimes committed by other things, and not all just guns, look above. Heck speeding is illegal, murder is illegal, stealing is illegal....but yet these laws are still being broken. And yet the media wont talk about those, or the responsibility of the person and not an object. It is just another way to drive people apart, and be able to control them even more. Look at the news and other sources and you can already see the president, vice and others calling out gun owners and trying to show us as the "bad guys". Things are going to change and happen in the next few years. Just get ready for one heck of a fight.
  12. They are saying that it is VSR compatible, but then again they have claimed this before as well. It does look like a very nice rifle, and yes it just came out just give it some time.
  13. The CA M24 is one of the best rifles out there. Like Ed1 said the receiver and the outer barrel are one piece. The stock trigger can take any spring that you can put in it, that and an L96 zero trigger can fit in the rifle if you want ( though not needed ). The stocks have an aluminum channel within it making the stiff and heavy. Parts can be hard to find, but they really are not that hard. The rifles are great, having had 5 of them and upgrading them all. And they have all been great performers, didn't mater if it was 400 fps or 650 fps. There is nothing wrong with this rifle, and if you can find one you should buy it. Who cares how old you are, that has nothing to do with anything. I have see older guys that know crap about this stuff.
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