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    PWD MR-30 Kokusai CAR-15 Kokusai Crimebuster WE M4 Ares WA2000 TM L96 TM VSR-10 APS 2 SV UTG MK96 ( 6 ) JG Bar-10 ( 7 ) KJ CZ75 CA M14 CA SL8 TM AUG G&G M14 CA M14 EBR A&K M249 Echo1 ASR ( 3 ) KC-02 CA M4 MK18mod0 And others can't remember

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woogie_man's Feedback

  1. wolfgeorge left Positive feedback   

    Kokusai CAR-15

    woogie_man was The Seller

  2. RyeGuy1994@aol.com left Positive feedback   

    Traded for upgraded WE M4 with 9 mags

    woogie_man was The Seller

  3. ntrirish7 left Positive feedback   

    Traded my Tanaka m700 for his TM L96

    woogie_man was The Seller

  4. jonsun81 left Positive feedback   


    woogie_man was The Seller

  5. Skyi/// left Positive feedback   

    PDI 6.01mm x 303mm VSR barrel, Polarstar VSR-10 Sear set with included spare trigger parts

    woogie_man was The Seller

  6. Solidox left Negative feedback   

    JG VSR-10

    woogie_man was The Seller

  7. sasquatch1916 left Positive feedback   

    KJW M9

    woogie_man was The Seller

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