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  1. Bump, last chance, ends tomorrow. Take the WOC for $350 shipped and the Prowin mag for $35 shipped
  2. Well, a little over a day. I'm going on a trip and could use some money, so this sale ends Friday morning. Payment must be received by then or I won't have time to ship before I leave. I want to move these as fast as possible, so: - All prices listed include USPS shipping with tracking to anywhere in the continental US. Ask for insurance if you want it. - No holding, not even for a minute. My paypal address will go out to all buyers and first payment received gets it, all others will be refunded. - Open to reasonable offers, keyword being reasonable and not lowball - No trades, no part outs, no modifying the listings in any way. - Please only message me if you are truly interested in buying an item by Friday. IMPORTANT disclaimer- I am not in the airsoft hobby anymore, and don't have the tools, time, or patience to fully test all items. I have described all items to the best of my ability and memory, but have not really been involved with these guns for almost a year now. There is a chance the gun is slightly off from my description or does not fully function. I say this not because my descriptions are wrong and false but to cover myself in the event there is a problem. I truly just want these gone and do not want to bother with troubleshooting or returns, so they are sold as-is with absolutely no refunds. Please buy these items on the basis of what parts are included and not on the basis that each gun is perfectly functional and problem free. G&P WOC custom DMR Began life as a Magpul challenge kit rifle, purchased new. Received full steel internal swap from a real WOC. Externals include G&P Magpul receiver, real steel Magpul MOE handguard, Pro-Arms M16-length barrel, G&P VLTOR gas block/front sight, G&P Troy rear sight, G&P Leupold replica scope and KAC scope mount, autenthic Magpul PTS MOE pistol grip, and ACM PRS stock. Things to note: - Gun has a rifle-length stock but a carbine-length buffer. If I recall correctly it fires without issue, but do note that factory G&Ps with a full stock come with a spacer in the buffer tube so it may be better to add one. - Gun still has the original carbine-length inner barrel inside the rifle-length outer. - Magwell is a tight fit for PMAGs, and a no-fit for Prowins. Sanding the inside will fix this. Condition: All externals purchased new, overall in like new condition aside from a few dings from kit assembly. Internals function great, but have not tested range and accuracy. Includes: Gun, one G&P PMAG, all accessories shown in photo. $400 shipped $350 shipped Prowin V2 VN mag with magpul- purchased new to use in the tan WOC but it didn't fit. Some wear marks from trying to fit it, otherwise new and unused. $45 shipped $35 shipped Please PM if you have questions or are interested.
  3. All remaining items listed below: From SR15: G&P KAC vertical foregrip, new - $6 G&P pistol grip, new - $8 G&P M4 midcap, new - $8 Prommy red bucking, new - $8 Siegetek piston spacers, 8, new - $8 Siegetek motor pinion gear, new - $12 SHS 15 tooth piston, short-stroked by 4, used - $3 STS shock transfer system, used - $15 Extreme Fire SW-S mosfet with 6ft wire, new - $14 Unknown M4 pistol grip, no screws or plate, used - $1 Element Tango Down pistol grip for WA M4, new - $4 Dboys M4 carry handle, metal, used - $2 2 stock barrels, both are about 363mm, used - $1 for both 2 7.62 Magpuls, new - $3 for both Aimtop M4 highcap, new - $4 Dboys 8.4v 1100mAh stick battery, used - $2
  4. Now parting out on the G&P SR15 G&P KAC flash hider, gas block and 16" outer barrel, new - $25 G&P KAC URX midlength rail, new - $50 G&P KAC vertical foregrip, new - $6 3 G&P KAC rail covers, new - SOLD G&P Marine receiver, new - SOLD G&P pistol grip, new - $8 G&P Marine battery stock, new (modified) - SOLD Complete gearbox - $180 JG Blue motor, new - SOLD Gens Ace 11.1v 2600mAh 55C lipo, new - SOLD G&P M4 midcap, new - $8 Prommy red bucking, new - $8 Prommy 420mm tightbore, new - SOLD G&P stock ~415mm barrel - SOLD
  5. Bump! Thread is updated, anything not marked as sold is still available. Lots of people never following through with payment, so no more pending status for items- first to pay gets it.
  6. Bump! Anything not marked as sold in the original post is still available. If you PMed me and never got a response or never heard back from me regarding pending items, please message me again, I've had a lot of PMs to work through and may have forgotten some.
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