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  1. This is simply an amazing project you're going through. I can't wait for you to finish and I can certainly say that I will be looking towards purchasing a unit if you decide to market them.
  2. Here's a pic of the whole collection as of now and another of the Tavor. Finally re-wired my HK416 to an ASCU sensor/MOSFET and changed to an M120, did some compression mods and now it's shooting 430 FPS.
  3. Early bump to get back on schedule. Looking for tracer units and accompanying tracer BBs, Real Sword Type 97 and trading a 9.6v G&P crane stock battery for a 9.6v nunchuck.
  4. Also looking for tracer units and accompanying tracer BBs. And a Real Sword Type 97.
  5. Forgot to update my thread and can't edit in the pictures, so until mods can fix that here's a few pics of my KWA MP7A1. My new Tavor will get its own spotlight on Saturday. Sorry if the images are a bit blurry, I used my older camera since my newer, fancy one is no where to be found.
  6. Bump. Will post pictures of MP7 tonight. EDIT: Here they are. Not pictured is the -14mm silencer adapter and the (of course) the EDGI barrel installed inside. Note: the reflex sight I have on there will NOT come in the trade.
  7. So I've been looking for a decent Five-seveN for a long time and I think I might just have to part with my trusted secondary: my KWA MP7A1. I have the KWA MP7A1 listed in my pictures thread. Trades have been filled red and white and looks very nice. It will come with 3 magazines. One has the fill port o-ring missing, but that is a very easy fix and does not affect performance other than when filling the magazine. For the 5-7, I'd prefer if it had a Guarder body kit installed and at least 2 magazines. A holster is definitely a plus as well. I also would like any extra duster gas you may have or an adapter for such applications.
  8. I have an A&K myself and the stock parts seem okay for the time being. I've had it for about 3 months now and through 5 full days of skirmishing and it holds itself pretty well. I haven't opened up the gearbox yet but from what I can tell, it has pretty decent compression. The rate of fire is actually pretty good on a 9.6v. I also replaced the clear plastic hop-up and loading nozzle to metal because I found the original ones weren't exactly the best. Apart from that, it feels a little weird for me, and I probably will let it go in the very near future since I have way too many guns now.
  9. The SRC is such a pain to get to the gearbox. But apparently the first tooth of the piston completely shattered off. What is a good piston to get? I'm thinking about picking up some SHS pistons with 3 metal teeth.
  10. So this past weekend, my SRC HK416 decided to crap out on me. With the battery plugged in, the motor spins, but nothing else spins up. It just seems like only the motor/pinion is spinning up but it isn't catching on to anything. What could be the cause? Would it be either the bevel or pinion gear stripped? I haven't even used the gun for too many rounds, but I was planning on upgrading it very soon anyways. If it is, it looks like I'll have to pick up some new parts.
  11. Just buy a riser made by UTG or someone. They're also fairly cheap. If you're intending on using a tube scope, just buy high-profile scope rings. That's what my friend did with his ICS L85A2.
  12. It's not an ACOG, but Trijicon's line of reflex sights. So far, no one at Georgetown has seen one haha. Raven, you'll probably see me there with it on my Tavor really soon. To my surprise, the optic fibers in the front of the sight work. I was really surprised and I freaked out when I saw the sight still on. I thought I had turned the switch off, and I did, but then I pointed it towards the sun. And as suspected, the dot got brighter. So basically at Georgetown I have an infinite power source. Really didn't expect that, but it just makes that $70 very justified. And my word did that polarizing filter come in handy that day.
  13. I just went for an ARES one. I don't know why they aren't making any more, it seems like every major retailer is out of stock and not getting more in.
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