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  1. Yes don't worry, I have the filter on the right side. As for loadout ideas, would any sort of police force or special forces work with that mask? Lastly, would a scope riser make aiming a little better? As always, thanks for feedback.
  2. Ok I haven't posted in an incredibly long time seeing how I've had other things come up in my life and airsoft has not been a priority. Anyways, A while back I bought a surplussed US M40 gas mask, made knew lenses that are good for airsoft, and made it all set and ready for play. Only problem, I don't know how to make it work in a loadout, let alone learn how to aim with the thing on. (piece of metal on the side makes it pretty hard) So my question is, what should I do with it? I'd like to made a loadout with it but I don't know what it should look like. And I'd like to know what's the easiest way to aim and look down holos, scopes, iron sights etc etc. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
  3. So as stated in the description, is the barrel of an S-System the same as a normal m4 but just with all the ris and stuff wrapped around it. Cause I was kinda wondering if it would be possible to get like an 11in m4 outer and put that on. Thanks for any help.
  4. Tuck in your shirt and get a nicer belt. Other than that it's pretty decent and your l85 is really really cool. Oh ya I like the guy on the left's scarf thing, wears it well.
  5. That's exactly what the Platinum M4 is. Just a vfc with echo1 logo
  6. http://www.echo1usa.com/ Haven't seen a thread yet so I thought I'd make one. But as you can see the new Echo1 RPK is out. Anyone going to buy it or have any opinions on it.
  7. Ya know I might want to check this thing out. But I'll have to sell my JG s-system and basically all my m4 stuff to get it. That's ok with me though cause I'm pretty tired of m4s. Thanks for the info guys.
  8. I was looking at UN Company and went to the KART section and saw the Kart MCR .308. It looks like the best thing ever. Problem is, it's Kart and I know how much everyone loves Kart. Just wondering if Kart really is the crapiest of crap out there or are they half-way decent guns. Like to hear some personal stories and such cause I really like the way the gun looks and I don't think there is a conversion kit out there. Thanks for any info.
  9. Ok I just finished putting polycarb lenses in it so the lenses should be fine now. But what about the plastic on it? Is that stuff strong or does it have a possability of breaking if shot.
  10. Thanks for all the info guys. I went to home depot yesterday and picked up a piece of polycarb so I can change out the outer lenses with the good stuff. Im going to heat up the polycarb for a bit then form it into a lense then dremmel it out to finish it off. The new lenses arent ansi rated I don't think (didnt say anything on them) but they did take 2 shots in the same place from 8ft from 400+fps.
  11. UPDATE K I just shot it from 5ft with 400+ fps .2g and the lense cracked. Didnt shatter but cracked like a car window. Anybody got a sight or anything of where to get ballistic rated lenses? Thanks
  12. Yeah I read your thread. But they regulate it pretty well. Chronoed my mp5k both times I went with it. Anyone got a link to other lenses or is it easy to find on google.
  13. So today I went to my local surplus store, saw the M40 gas mask and bought it. The guy selling it said the lenses are shatter resistent but not sure if ansi rated. Anybody know if it is ansi rated or not, or do I need to buy new lenses. Also I'm only going to be using it for cqb and the closest place has a limit of only 330 fps. Thanks for any help.
  14. Well how much would an old 416 thats missing parts sell for? And if I was to build it up again, I wouldn't want to spend a lot. But if I used it as a parts gun the only parts I could really use are from the gearbox. Any other ideas/suggestions?
  15. Well right now I'm kinda in a pickle cause I have a four-year-old JG 416 and I cannot for the life of me figure out what to do with it. I already have an mp5k for cqb and a M4 s-system for field. I can't really sell it because I'm using its stock, fuse, and battery in the s-system. Got any ideas on what to do with it? Thanks for any help.
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