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    I'm big Steve, or Lone. I got interested in Airsoft due partly to my former college roommate, and partly due to my cousin, who brought 5 of his guns with him on a trip up north with me. <br /><br />My family has a history of service in the armed forces. My father and two of my uncles served in the army in the 80's, my grandfather was in the Army reserve just after the junk in Korea, and my great grandfather was a rifleman in World War II. I also have a good friend who served for 20 years in the Army, was deployed in operation Desert Storm, and generally saw many good and bad things. I've got a friend in the Minnesota national Guard, another who is ex-Army, and one who is an MP.<br /><br />I am told I have a fighting spirit, even if one look at me might not let you see it. I am interested in all things military, and so Airsoft was only a logical step for me. Aside from that, if things in school don't go well ( I mean severely), I am thinking of joining the Army myself.

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