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  1. I bought my first TM m16 in 2002. It saw maybe 150k rounds before the gearbox finally cracked and blew out the front end in 2008? (it was probably 20 degrees out). I loved it. Through time I've replaced everything on it due to the other things mentioned like the plastic body and outer barrel. But, I still have the custom gun and the only thing left that is TM is the stock, trigger and wire harness and the spring. It shoots .25's at about 420fps, I use it as my DMR single fire only setup. I love TM's. If I had the cash I would buy another one. I'm always looking for non-upgraded vanilla gearboxes to use as parts.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a G&G receiver for my all black RK103. The lower tang on mine broke and I need a new one. Please PM me if you are interested in selling one (or a whole gun if its cheap enough). Needs to be metal or magnesium. Thanks
  3. Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up! The Farm Airsoft Field is the Portland Metro areas' newest outdoor airsoft event and skirmish field. With over 22 acres of woodland areas with hills, ravines, flat ground and a year round creek, we have a great mixture of natural and man made fortifications and Close Quarter Battle (CQB) areas. Be sure to check out the photo gallery! Location will be announced soon. We are in the final peperation stages. The Farm is only 35 minutes from Beaverton and 35 - 40 minutes from Portland. We are a bio ammo only field, offering Javelin brand bio bbs on site. We are also an authorized dealer for Classic Army and KWA and have the ability to order any replicas you may want along with replacement parts and upgrades. The Farm Airsoft Field is always upgrading and expanding! Check out our site to see what's new and what we have been working on. Content is being updated daily! Hope to see you guys up at The Farm soon! WWW.PLAYTHEFARM.COM
  4. Hello, I was hoping someone had a battery bag that would fit on an M4 stock they want to get rid of. I don't care for the color but it needs to be able to fit a large type battery and not be too tore up.. some wear and tear is acceptable. 10-12$ shipped? Paypal. Thanks guys!
  5. Update: I called and got to talk to him today. Basically it broke down to him having too many issues on his plate. I wont go into detail but he had some life issues to deal with. He had to take a school trip (to a different state) and was no where near internet. I said he made a lot of people jump to conclusions and that the way he handled this whole sale was not professional. I also told him his reputation as a reputable seller is gone. He said he understood and feels bad. I told him to tie all the loose ends up by thursday... hopefully not just mine. Sounded like a good honest kid to me.. I just hope he doesn't let me down.
  6. Update: I've sent emails to both of his addresses and sent a text message to his phone. Going on a month waiting for either a refund or my parts. *Edit - Got in contact with him, see below. Thanks
  7. No money through Paypal. and nothing via mail.
  8. Sent payment to him on Jan 6th... its now the 31st and I still haven't gotten anything yet. I buy lots of stuff online via forums and send payment as a gift to be generous... can I not recover my funds? Anyone know? Either way I wont do that again nor do I recommend Flammenwerfer due to horrible communication and no tracking numbers produced. Either give me my money back or send the stuff I PAID for.
  9. CA MBK & CA Gearbox.... I don't think I can file a paypal dispute...? out of good nature I sent it as a gift (so there are no fees)... looks like I wont do that again.
  10. Sent payment Jan 6th. Still have not received parts. Please respond to my PM's.
  11. I guess.. haven't looked into the CA. So.. I figured I should end this thread with the solution. DBOY Upper + G&G Lower = Success G&G Upper + DBOY Lower = Failure (they don't mesh, don't know why) G&P Upper + DBOY Lower = Fail G&G Upper + G&P Lower = Success DBOY Upper + G&P Lower = Success I think the DBOY lower has compatibility issues, but the upper is gtg. Hope this helps anyone looking.
  12. Yeah, I haven't gotten the gun yet, but I do know CA uses the rear pins. The DBoy does not and neither does G&P. I'll let you know.
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