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  1. They look the same and I even swapped valves between the mags and it made no difference . Seems I just have a strange mag on hand and will have to charge it different from the others . It sure has stumped me
  2. Latest on the mags . Removed discharge valve from one of the older mags and put it in the newer . No difference . Held the discharge valve open , put gas in the fill valve to check flow and to purge the mag . No difference noted . When I plan to shoot I just put the new mag on the cool air discharge side of my shop window A/C unit and let it cool while I fill the other mags with gas and BB's. I then charge the chilled mag with gas and BB's and let it warm to the same temp as the others and it shoots the same as them . Another thing I checked was the fit of the rubber seal on the mag's discharge port but no leaks there . It is tight to the BBU .
  3. Update Still having fill problems with the newer mag . Changed the fill valve and that made no difference . Removed the base and looked inside the gas chamber , nothing there to take up space . Still can fill the older mags with the mags and gas at room temps but have to chill the newer one or warm the gas to get a good fill
  4. YEP !!!! 79 and use airsoft pistols for drawing and Point Shooting practice in my yard and shop . I have very bad hand tremors , not so good balance . If I try aiming the tremors kick in and I am all over the target. So I draw and shoot quickly before they kick in. I did carry a 1911 and used several 1911 Airsofts to practice but changed over to Glock 19's and purchased several KWA/KWC Airsofts as well. Gave my grandson a real 1911 and an Airsoft 1911 as well as a basic pistol training class. I still have a few 1911's but almost never shoot them ( both real & AirSoft ) Listen to Guges , he knows his stuff and a great guy to deal with and will go above board to help someone out.
  5. Really want a 19 frame as I have many 19 mags
  6. Found that out. I will warm the propane and not chill the magazine and try that. If I can get a full fill of BB's shot off , it will be OK.
  7. Chilled the mag I had problems filling , warmed the propane bottle in the sun and then filled the mag and stuck it in my pocket to warm up. Tried to shoot it and the discharge valve had so much pressure on it the hammer would not push it in. Chilled mag again for just a few minutes and then it worked OK. Shot 4 mags (80 shots) of BB's on that fill and still had a very small charge left which was good for storage. I would shoot 20 BB's , let the mag warm to room temp. ( 72 degrees ) , shoot 20 more , let warm up . Did the same all over again until I had shot the 4 mags.
  8. I was thinking more about the O-rings for the fill and discharge valves.
  9. I have Air Softs by KWA/KSC , WE and KJW and want to purchase spare O- Rings for the magazine valves for each . I would like to purchase them from McMaster-Carr but don't know what the correct sizes are to buy and what material to get them in. Can anyone help please ? Thanks for any info
  10. I just can't understand why you can have 3 magazines that are just alike and have to charge 1 of them different than the other 2 to get a full charge of gas . 2 mags + propane bottle at same temp - mags will accept a full charge 1 mag + propane bottle at same temp - mag WILL NOT accept a full charge but will if mag chilled and bottle warmed. A puzzle to me and would like to know why.
  11. Tried again today . Propane bottle and all 3 mags at room temperature Filled the 2 older mags with gas and let set. Put the newer one in freezer for about 15 min. Set the bottle in the sun for the same time. Filled new mag and let it and the others warm back to room temp. All of them shot 3 mag loads of BB's (60 BB's) and locked the slide back. All still had a small charge left which is the way I store them. Still can't understand the difference between the mags and the charging method I had to use to get a full charge in just one mag.
  12. No cell phone at all. Only a landline that I have had 59 years with the same number the whole time except for the added area code . What area of the old slide are you thinking of and why would it effect just the one mag ?
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