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  1. hmm, I'm currently using the 6.04 barrel and the 380% spring. I will be using heavy bb's, probably .36 and become an after dusk sniper :), if .43 doesn't work. Does anyone have any experience of .43 bb's through the 6.01? And how many fps did you then fire at? Also, would a PSI set of piston and spring guide be advised for the 380% spring? or do I need something better... Thanks for your tips Hari, and lol at the polyurethane filled barrel :), zero trigger will be installed to get rid of the safe. Any tips on what to apply in order for the cylinder to slide more smoothly?
  2. I am in dire need of upgradeing my second M24 so that it can fire min 600 and max 650 fps (of course as close to 650 fps would be preferred). Which upgrades would be recommended for it to fire at such an fps without the rifle turning into dust after 2000-3000 bb's. And yes, 0,2g bb's.
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