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  1. you're not allowed to bump until 24 hours after the post, and that applies to sale threads. so please don't bump unless you wish to be punished anyways, to your problem. it sounds like a problem with your tappet plate, which is inside your gearbox. you may also need a secotr gear chip, also inside your gearbox. also don't unscrew the hopup wheel screw. but to take apart your hopup and check to see if that is the problem take off the plastic clip and then slide the innder barrel/bucking out, check to see if everything's aligned, if not then reinsert it and align it properly. if you don't know how to do this then google "m4 hopup assembly" im sure you will find some help. good luck.
  2. I cant give you a definitive answer cause I don't own either the gun or the ris, but it looks like that you just remove your front sight/gas block assembly/flashhider from your barrel, slide the s system on, and use the clamps to attatch it to the top rail on your gun, then reattach your front sight etc. (it looks like it will fit)
  3. don't LISTEN TO THE ABOVE POSTERS. All of them are wrong, the r76 is a rebranded double eagle M86 airsoft gun, it does have a metal gearbox and it is marui compatible AND fixable. all you need to do is follow this guide AK Dissasembly and get to the gearbox, then follow THIS guide: V3 Gearbox guide to get familiar to what a gearbox looks like,then see what is wrong with yours.
  4. a g&p motor costs more than all those things, and even if I bought it I would still be without a piston...everythings fine except for the piston, my spring is the stock spring from a dboys ak ~ m120 and you are probably right, I do need a new battery anyway, don't know why I didnt think of that. thanks!
  5. hey there, piston stripped awhile back and since im pretty fed up with my old gun and gearbox, im thinking of trying something new and making it a low powered, EXTREMELY low budget (im talking like $30), speed (well, as fast as I can get it...) gun. my plan: New piston Bearings WEAK spring as you can see, pretty cheap stuff. Just wondering about the element bearings, also how much stress (m*** spring) they can handle. everything, gears, tappet, motor, compression parts, will be left stock with a regrease, relube, and reshim. I will be running this on an 8.4 or if I can find it, an old 9.6. any problems I should be aware of? thanks in advace guys
  6. OHMAN that sr16 looks sweet. any news on the price? or when they are coming out?
  7. no actually its pretty much stock. average ROF, average fps. I just want a durable, cheap piston, preferably one with wider teeth beacuse as stated before the slanted ides of the old pistons teeth were eaten away with ease.
  8. thank you both, but I already know what AOE is and how to fix it, I learned the hard way. my stock piston already had the 2nd tooth removed. it came like that from the factory. I know why my teeth stripped, I simply need some info on the pistons in the links so I may fix my gearbox. also the supercore piston is a tank, but out of the question. I would like to keep the cost as low as possible so $30 is even a little extreme
  9. hello there, after opening my gearbox, I take a look at my piston to see the metal tooth snapped in half and all the teeth chewed through. a setback of course, but nothing to panic over, anyways I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with either of these pistons: "matrix" , "element" or "JBU" onto another problem, my sector gears teeth contacted my old piston on the slanted side of the teeh, in an off centered kind of way. this lead to the stripping of its teeth. The pistons I selected have wider, non slanted, metal teeth, whereas the G&P white (a high quality, highly recommended piston) has slanted polycarb. I want a piston to match up with my sector gear, and one that wont be stripping anytime soon. please offer any advice on which piston, or a way to fix the problem with my sector gear. My shimming is excellent by the way. Thanks in advance guys!
  10. proly from the body pins/screws. there was rust on one of my lpegs once. also could be from his gears/bushings.
  11. ^+1 on the weak potmetal, but potmetal, ie aluminum, zinc, alloys w/e. don't rust. IIRC rust is also known as iron oxide, but either way, only metals that contain iron are able to rust, therefore aluminum and potmetal cannot rust, but steel or iron can. just clearing up a common misconception.
  12. ok, so ill just go with 510, and thanks!
  13. it wont harm the gun at all. and for the fit issue, have you tried different mags? some bodies don't fit well with some mags.
  14. EDIT: you said that a type 0 cylinder would be ok with an m16 barrel. which is 510mm, so would I be ok with an m16 "plus" (550mm) barrel and a type 0 cylinder? or should I use the standard 510mm?
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