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  1. I don't fast food cause I need to eat healthy for wrestling, but if I do have to eat fast food, I have to go with: 1. Taco Bell 2. American Roadside Burger or 3. Subway
  2. More cushin' for the pushin' is what I say. Don't judge me.
  3. I never said it was scary, it's just messed up.
  4. I like it. It should stay that way. End of story.
  5. I would be playing my Xbox 360, but it's broke and my Wii is boring. So I'm gonna have to play my Ps3. Any serious ideas?
  6. I need a new Ps3 ID, and I can't think of anything. I wanted Dr_Octagonapus, but it was taken and that's all I had.
  7. That's true. It's the only big problem with our plan and we can't really get around it.
  8. I'm only 14, but me and about 5 friends have this planned out. This is under the circumstances that the infection started in New York City, and was televised as soon as it was discovered, which gives us a few hours to prepare. After gathering enough food and water for a few weeks each in our backpacks, we would all meet up via bike at the abandoned Hospital building #7. If you haven't heard of the Kings Park Psychiatric Center, it's pretty much a bunch of completely abandoned hospital buildings that used to run until the 1990's. All the easy entrances have been boarded up or welded shut by State security. Me and my friends parkour frequently and know the buildings inside and out and know the only remaining entrances, which a zombie probably couldn't get into, since it requires a lot of climbing and creativity. Building 7 is about 30 stories high, and is connected to Buildings 21 and 23, which are also completely barricaded on the outside. The only entrance to any of the buildings is by getting on top of a pathway called Breezeway, which is about 20 feet tall. To get on top, you need to climb a tree, and then walk across the branches which grow over Breezeway. This is what Building 7 looks like from the roof of building 23: http://media.photobucket.com/image/kppc%20...art/kppc020.jpg After we all met up, we would get into the building and get to the roof, and there we would wait until the initial chaos stopped. Once everything calmed down, we would ride our bikes to the bar Shanahans, which doesn't get much business and is close to the Psych Center. We would get all the supplies we could carry and ride back to Building 7 and live out the next few months alright. If we ever encountered zombies on our way there, the best weapons we have would be one of my friends pellet rifles, my friends dad's .22 Rifle, and the numerous bats/ax's/crowbar's that we all know we have. One of my friends has a bow and lot's of arrows. When we finally run low on supplies and get everything useful at Shanahans bar, we would go on a riskier bike ride to one of the many shops in town, which include a Keyfood, a Walbaums, a Dollar Store, and various gas stations and smaller stores. These stores are about a 1.5 mile bike ride from Building 7. Our town has a population of about 16,000, according to Wikipedia. It would take about 5 years (My estimate) before every store in town is looted by us, but I could be wrong. Either way, when supplies in town are used up, we would have to resort to either looting peoples homes, which could be dangerous, or we could ride our bikes to Smithtown, which has a population of about 115,000 so there would be much more zombies here. But by then, the zombie threat could be destroyed. Well that's my plan. I think it's pretty thought out.
  9. Fallout 3. It has to be the best game I've ever played. It has great graphics, an original storyline, and the add-ons make it so much more interesting.
  10. Nice, all it needs is the flashlight and it'll look identical.
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