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  1. If you do chop it, make sure you either have a competent machinist do it or make sure you know what you're doing. It's not all that hard, but you don't want to mess up by bending the inner barrel or do a bad crowning job on the inner barrel. Since our cut-off tools suck in our shop, I used a Dremel and a hacksaw to cut it and then took it to a lathe to clean up the face. I also cut the inner barrel down to the same length.
  2. I guess technically I took it off. I chopped my barrel down to 18 inches for better handling.
  3. IIRC, there's a thumb screw on the front sight itself, then you slide it off. To remove the "rail"/dovetail, there are two Phillips screws that you just remove. You'll probably have to keep the dovetail, since those screws keep the cap on at the end of the barrel.
  4. I see pitting. I assume that it started as a cast part and then turned?
  5. There's the KRG bolt lift. I'd like to see a DTA SRS, Barrett MRAD, or FN Ballista provided the mounting systems are good and the screw heads and threads that would hold the barrel on won't strip out at 65 inch pounds and the screws in Torx / Torx Plus. If that would happen in a gas rifle, I'd be set for life. Or at least for a long while.
  6. Just realized that the rear pin on the top of the trigger assembly (the one for the lever to remove the bolt) is severely bent. I'm guessing it's from a lot of hard bolt racking. Are there any places that sell the pins or kits the include the pins? What happens is that when I try to actuate the lever, it either sticks in the open position, so I could remove the bolt by accident, it it wouldn't open, and I would have to take the stock off in order to remove it.
  7. I don't know about you guys, but I cut both an edGI and factory KJW M700 barrel down to ~18" on a lathe and properly crowned them. I'm not really sure what length it was, since I gauged it based on outer barrel length. The factory barrel was much more accurate than at the stock 25" length. I'm guessing that mainly due to better crowning job along with the barrel being inherently stiffer from being shorter. But about the longer inner barrel: There's a point where your body movements can easily throw off a shot because the BB moves much slower than a real bullet. Just measured the length I parted off and the inner barrel length is 483mm. It's perfectly fine for me. I'm getting consistent placement at 70 yards (max length of my back yard, would like to test at further ranges, though).
  8. Thanks for the offer, but I'll take it to my school's shop. Didn't think that 50 degrees would cut gas efficiency in half.
  9. I know it's winter out but I can only get about 13 shots off, 9 usable with a filled magazine. That was with 50F temperatures. I sealed my magazine. What else would be the culprit?
  10. Ironically, I just installed the stock inner barrel cut down to 18" and it's shooting a lot straighter. I was able to easily hit my target at about 65-70 yards. Can't wait to try it out in a game. I'm also excited to see how much better it'll be with both a tightbore barrel and an external air rig.
  11. Haven't been on in a while... I've been considering taking the KJW M700's outer barrel to my shop and getting it turned down to 18" or 20" for better pack-ability and better handling characteristics and getting a custom EdGi barrel for it at the matching length. Would there be any noticeable degredation in accuracy compared to the stock barrel diameter and length? I was also planning on machining a new crown or muzzle break for the gun out of 316 stainless as an improvement over the stock crown job. This is what the muzzle accessories would look like: If anyone is curious, both renderings were done with SolidWorks
  12. Why do I need to remove this topic? I just wanted to see if I could attach a cool looking flash hider.
  13. What I was asking was that are the threads the EXACT same as the real MP7?(I.e., able to mount RS MP7 flash hiders)
  14. What barrel thread length, and pitch are they? I'm asking, because I was looking to see if I could mount a RS AAC flash hider onto the KWA MP7. Here's the link to the flash hider. I was looking more towards the 51T model: http://www.advanced-armament.com/product.aspx?pid=29#pid=119 Long(ish) story short: Is the KWA MP7's thread pitch Metric 15 x 1 or any of the available pitches that they are available in?
  15. Sorry for the misinterpretation, I meant that I think that Madbull's BB QC is good enough to not cause jams. I was looking at the edgi 6.00 barrels. As well, I got the pics from my Marui G17 inner barrel.
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