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    UTG Shadow Ops sniper rifle Galaxy Mp5k folding stock AGM M14 Upgraded TM Vsr-10 Pro w/Laylax Zero Trigger, 150 spring, steel spring guide, and firefly hop up bucking hard type. Bell M9 full metal GBB pistol
  1. OH guys by the way, is the 170spring even worth having over the 150 spring? I mean if the 150 is shooting 543 then 170 could be dangerous ha.
  2. I think I will try my nineball again haha. Madbull's were the only option for the heaviness for a 170 spring haha. But even with the 170 spring the .42's were dropping at 100 feet easily. when I put the 150 spring back in it shot the .42 even further. That blew my mind haha. What brand of heavy weight bb's should I be using? Thanks for all the help and encouragement ha
  3. Yes, my spacers are set symmetrically all the way down the barrel, but this barrel is THICK so I don't think it is bending at all. EdGI barrels are known for their outer thickness. I can try some spacers, but I don't know if it'll be worth it ha. Thanks. t
  4. Yes, my spacers are set symmetrically all the way down the barrel, but this barrel is THICK
  5. Hi guys, It's been a while since I've posted on this site about my upgraded TM vsr10 due to the fact that I am almost ready to throw in the towel on airsoft sniping. I have spent hundreds of dollars and countless mods to try and get the performance out of the gun that most on this site are stating. My problem this time is the fact that the 170 spring has given me nothing but crap. Here is my loadout so you can get a better idea of what I'm experiencing. -TM vsr10 pro -150sp or 170sp(will explain) -firefly hop up bucking hard type -Stock cylinder -Stock cylinder head -Laylax z trig with orange piston -Replaced #13 size o ring on the piston -EdGI 6.01mm 430mm inner barrel -Custom electrical tape barrel spacers (4) Now on to the explanation of my many problems occuring with this rifle. (1) I have tested with Madbull .43's and madbull .40's. I used a 170 spring to test both. I was not getting anything close to what I imagined in range and accuracy, especially with that godforsaken expensive barrel. I then took and replaced the 170 spring with my original 150 spring and IT SHOT FURTHER AND HAD MORE ACCURACY. Why? Oh why? The range was more than just a considerable jump. It was probably an 80ft difference in range. I am very confused, because I thought the 170 was supposed to shoot further and harder than the 150 considering it is more powerful. Makes sense right? Well obviously I have a jacked up rifle because it is the exact opposite. (2) I purchased a laylax silent dampener head, but it will not screw on to the stock cylinder head completely. Why? I have heard of others doing that without a problem. Someone mentioned that it was made for the teflon cylinder, but I have seen countless upgrade lists on this site with that listed on there without the cylinder. (3) Someone recommended the nineball hop up bucking to me, so I bought it. I own a firefly hard bucking as well. I have done countless tests with both and I can safely say both of them are giving me inconsistencies in some way. But The rifle seems to shoot further with the firefly and slightly more accurate, but I am ABSOLUTELY clueless to what to do. (4) People have mentioned shimming the hop up arm and teflon wrapping the bucking to the barrel. I am scared to shim my hop up arm, because I WILL screw it up and make it worse haha. I am going to try and teflon wrap my hop up bucking in case of an air leak from it when I shoot. Speaking of which I have done the compression test and my cylinder does not leak at all. Thanks guys in advance for any help on these four problems, mainly #1, which blows my mind completely. I am *this* close to just giving up on this rifle that has caused me so much money and time with little to no change. I appreciate any help. Blake
  6. Thank you very much for responding johnny! I appreciate it. That is all the information that I needed. I'll just have to get a teflon cylinder one of these days. But what confuses me is that I have heard of people using the Laylax cylinder head WITH the stock cylinder. I just don't know haha. Thanks again, Blake
  7. Hi guys, I just recently purchased a set of upgrades for my Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Pro. These upgrades include: -170sp Spring -Laylax Cylinder Head -silencer adaptor(aesthetic upgrade) -Nineball Hop up bucking My setup before these upgrades was: -150sp spring -Stock Cylinder head -of course no silencer adaptor -Firefly Hop up bucking hard type I only listed the upgrades and their previous counterparts, these are not all of my upgrades. Anyways, I tried installing the Laylax Cylinder head. I can get it screwed down to about a quarter of an inch to the head of the cylinder. My dad, who is a BUFF man, screwed it even further to about 1/16 of an inch from the head. I am running a stock cylinder, but I have never heard of anybody encountering these problems. The pliers we were using were ACTUALLY BREAKING and BENDING with the force he was putting behind it but it just won't budge. I took the piston(which is the orange piston that the zero trigger comes with), the spring, and the spring guide out to see if it would screw on without the inner parts. It still did not budge from the position. You would think that with just a mere 16th of an inch that it would work correctly. But that is not the case. Even with that small, fraction of an inch, the precision of the length of the cylinder to the hopup chamber is uncanny. It will not push all of the way forward into the chamber. I used the SAME setup with the stock head(which screws on PERFECTLY fine) and it works like a charm. This problem, to my knowledge, has never happened to others running this setup. I am terribly confused and would appreciate ANY help. Thanks VERY much guys and peace, Blake
  8. Hello guys, I am selling my Bell/KJW full metal m9 body and the original internals. The body comes with the original internals included. There is a brown paintjob for a dual tone color on the upper and lower receivers. It is scratched a good bit, but it can be easily sanded off. The mags are fully functional mags, but require a bit of repair. They both need new O-rings for the valves(like 75 cents a piece at your local hardware)and one is in need of simple super glue to hold a lip in place. These mags are both full metal and are scratched from use. This is a full metal body with full metal mags. It is included with many replacement internal parts for your m9. These accessories include the recoil spring assembly, full metal inner barrel, full metal outer barrel with barrel assembly that attaches to the spring assembly, and gas chamber. There are 2 screws missing in the side for the hand grip to attach. If you are unable to purchase new screws, you can remove one from the opposite side for it to serve the same purpose. So in conclusion you get: --full metal Bell/KJW m9 body including upper AND lower receivers --replacement internal parts for your m9(recoil spring assembly, full metal inner barrel, full metal outer barrel with barrel assembly that attaches to the spring assembly, and gas chamber) --2 full metal mag----(Free) --Bag of 400ct or so TSD .23 High Quality pistol rounds----(Free) All for $45 SHIPPED. This is an excellent deal for someone who owns an m9 and would like cheap replacement parts and mags. I also have a single KJW m9 that has NEVER been used. I am selling it seperately because it is in perfect condition. PM me if you are interested in this mag because I am selling it half price shipped of the original cost. Thank you for reading, and if you are interested Personal Message (or PM lol) me. Thanks again, -Blake
  9. Thanks for the support guys!!! Tux and cgibsong002 thanks for confirming this wonderful news. And yes the first thing that ran through my head was "wtf would someone need with a .80, and what kind of dangerous power would they need to propel it efficientely?" haha. The .42 will dominate in our setups. Oh and btw cgibsong002 I realized that the firefly hard bucking isn't mostly my problem. It was the bb's I was using. I checked Bioval's charts and tests on their site and I followed the KSC .30's down their charts and speculations. In actuality, the weight is the ONLY thing making this bb fire straighter. It got some of their LOWEST marks on internal quality and consistency. There were many inconsistant air bubbles and the accuracy was never in the same direction. I was dreadfully unimpressed, yet happy that I figured out my problem. I cannot wait for these new bb's to hit the market. I'll post if I receive any more information on dates and quanitities, but it could be a while because they are early in testing. It shouldn't be too long though. Thanks again guys, Blake
  10. Your welcome cgibsong002, and when you get a response, back me up on this because I think some people think it is a VERY CRUEL hoax lol Tux. Well, Tux I can assure you that I am not hoaxing you or any other sniper on this forum. This is the real deal. The bb we have all been waiting for. The perfect. I am extremely excited about these bb's. At first look at the .80g metal bb I was like WTF what kind of gun has that kind of power? Tux or anybody else on here have any idea how far a 170 spring would throw that? It would be hella accurate, but may have a range of 75 feet lol. Thanks guys and I will keep you updated on their status, Sincerely, Blake
  11. """"- BBB sniper rounds in 0.42g and 0.80g. The 0.42g is a transparent bb like the MAX and we have named it the BBBT-REX. The 0.80g is a pure metal bb called BBBX PILEDRIVER (primarily USA demand). They are even more perfect then the MAX in sphericity but not very eco friendly. If people thought the MAX was mean wait till the try these.""" - We may add a biodegradable 0.43g in bio plastic and are evaluating materials and costs. Kind Regards, Herman Boer All of the italicized above is the email I recieved from Herman Boer of Bioval Technologies just recently. They have named the bb's, decided the weight, and are currently working to get them into production. This was primarily a request from Tux to post the actual emails, so here they are!
  12. Here is a full image pic of the m9. I can email the other 9 or so images of the internals, magazines, and dissected body. Just PM me your email address if you are interested EDIT:Well, I can't post any pics for some reason, but if you are interested in seeing them just PM me.
  13. Hi guys! I am selling my bell/KJW full metal m9. It is in a condition of seemingly unfixable status unless you are experienced, but it is a full metal body. Here is what is included. -Full metal Bell/KJW m9 Body with rubbery side plates(gun is painted a dark brown and is pretty scratched) -Gas chamber -full metal inner and outer barrel receiver -full metal spring recoil system -TWO magazines(one needs a new lip but super glue can fix, and both need new entrance o rings)(both are scratched) -400 TSD .23 high grade pistol rounds -Full metal upper AND lower receivers -and OPTIONAL KJW full metal m9 perfect condition magazine separate. (I bought it for $45 shipped and I have never used this magazine to shoot.) All of this would be good for a person in need of replacement parts for an m9 for cheap, or for a full metal body OR magazines(need slight fixes except for KJW). Keep in mind that this gun is missing several small parts, but all of the main parts are there. I am selling this EXTREMELY cheap. The metal body itself is worth $60+ but I am giving you all of this for the totals below. Total without OPTIONAL KJW Full metal M9 magazine-$45 SHIPPED - AND - Total WITH KJW magazine- $70 SHIPPED (More details on items at top) So for EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE EXTRA MAGAZINE you get- -m9 and accessories/replacement parts -bb's -2 original BELL mags -1 BRAND NEW KJW mag ($20 less than I originally paid for it) All for $70 SHIPPED. (Remember the reason I am selling the metal parts and replacement parts so cheap is that it is painted and scratched, but not HORRIBLY) That is the reason for me selling it so cheap. I am trying to be as honest about this product as possible, which is the reason. Thanks for your responses!!! Blake
  14. They are still working on them. I do not have their exact costs yet or quantities, but I will keep you posted when I find out. They are testing them at the moment in their facility. They are supposedly supposed to be released mid summer. This is only an estimation, but they are trying to make the perfect bb. Thanks for reading. I will keep you guys posted on them. Blake
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