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  1. What is the wierdest/funniest place you found a bb for me it was in a bag of chips
  2. which will last longer? cm031,cm036,cm036 with a downgraded spring? how many shots or actual time?
  3. exactly also they good be deformed and nobody wants deformed bbs in their gun
  4. how long will the cm036 last if I don't downgrade the spring how long will it last if I do downgrade the spring? I would need to downgrade it because the stock fps is wayto high
  5. I really wanna get this gun but I wanna degrade the spring which would cost me $15 for the spring anf $35 for someone to change iot for me for a GRAND TOTAL OF $190
  6. uts the best I can find becase the place located in asia and they have to chrage $80+ for shipping edit:spelling
  7. the lowest price ive seen in 139.50. I saw $99 on a random website that I don't really trust. (aegarms.com) if somene can fins a lower price then a 139.50 please post with a link. or....if you know that aegarms.com is trustful then please post as well
  8. doesn anyone know an airsoft place in Southeast Ny/Conn.? because I don't think I could change the spring
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