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  1. Just a crappy picture of my skirmish companion. Just KWA MkII PTP with the tan frame and a black slide and grips from an old one I stupidly broke. The end result was totally worth it though I like to think!
  2. It's been a long time since I've darkened ASF's doorstep, but now that the season is back in full swing I figured I needed somewhere to lurk around! So I thought I should start by making a long term gear thread as I have a lot of gear changes coming up and a few different loadouts I run. I guess I should start with the basic Multicam kit I tend to run a lot these days. Alright there's the pics, here's the kitlist as best I can remember: -Tru-Spec TRU Multicam BDUs -5.11 ATAC boots -Mechanix Original gloves -Blackhawk Contractor Cap -ESS Turbofans -Pantac RRV (Uper panel folded down) -Condor triple kangaroo M4 pouch -Condor single kangaroo M4 pouch -Condor Admin pouch -Pantac Vertical Utility pouch -Condor radio pouch -Cheap Motorola radio and earpiece -Condor kneepads -Condor dump pouch -Condor battle belt -Condor Double Kangaroo M4/pistol pouch -Blackhawk SERPA holster -Camelback Thermoback obtained cheap from surplus store with cheap Wal Mart bladder And that's about it. It's not an impression of anything, it's just a kit I run because it works for me and I like the setup. It carries 10+1 magazines for my dressed up Combat Machine you see in the picture and 2+1 magazines for my KSC Sig P226. It's surprisingly pretty simple and lightweight.
  3. I have 2 main sets around me. One field does 420 FPS with .2s for full auto guns, 470 FPS with .2s for DMRs with a 50 foot MED, and 520 FPS with .2s for BASRs with a 100 foot MED. Then the other field uses 400 FPS with .25s for full auto, 450 with .25s and a 50 foot MED for DMRs, and 500 with .25s and 100 foot MED for BASRs.
  4. Emerson actually doesn't use the chisel grind anymore, they stopped using it a couple years ago from what I've read. Now they already come with a normal V edge.
  5. Yeah that's true, the CQC-8 is very sexy I've actually thought about getting one on a few occasions but something else always seems to come up. And if you do join Blade Forums add me as a friend, same username.
  6. I don't buy Emerson just because I like the ZTs that are in that price range and I know Kershaw makes a solid knife. Also are you on Blade Forums by chance?
  7. Yeah I figured I would reassure your decision to buy a Rift based on my positive experience. You know if you go to a lot of online retailers they sell Benchmades for 25% off or so with coupon codes. Benchmade just doesn't allow them to advertise lower prices. Look at Knifeworks, I got my Rift for $120 from there. They also have some cool exclusive designs like the Doug Ritter series that only they carry. And if you like the Becker Necker, check out the Eskabar. It's the handle of an Izula with the blade of a BK14 Necker. Full of win in my opinion.
  8. Yes Eat My M4... show them the knife addiction I helped to thrust upon you! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Okay in all seriousness though, on the subject of serrations I find that just keeping my knife sharp is better than most serrations for cutting cordage (The most common use of serrations) and is much easier to sharpen especially because I do my own sharpening. As for cheaper knives too, if you go with the right budget knife you can get a lot for not much money. My favorite budget knives are from Kershaw and Spyderco, though Buck also has great options. It really is amazing what the BOS heat treat can do. My Buck/TOPS CSAR-T in ATS-34 with the BOS heat treat is a solid knife. I have it in a pouch on my airsoft vest for heavy duty tasks if I need it. It definitely belongs in the category of "sharpened prybar!" Also Psychobunny, the Rift is a great knife! Mine still worms its way into my pocket now and then despite my other knives with technically superior steels. People really don't give 154CM enough credit though, especially considering how stainless it is as compared to anything with more edge retention. The wharncliffe blade shape is a big win too in my book, especially the way Benchmade does it. Makes for a precise but strong tip with lots of piercing power if you need it. Also those of you looking for a good fixed blade check out the Kabar Becker lineup. Full tang 1095 CroVan at a price that won't murder your wallet. I have a BK9 myself and that thing chops like an axe. In fact I actually beat a hatchet in a chopping race with it!
  9. I'm not a CRKT or Gerber fan either. You look at the CRKT M16 series and the Kershaw Skyline, Chill, or Volt II side by side and you instantly see the better deal. The best thing Gerber makes is their multitools which are actually pretty solid for the price. On the subject of steel snobbery that's the one thing that's kept me from Blackhawk! knives. The pointman costs $70-$75 and comes in AUS8-A? No thanks, I'll go with a Spyderco Endura and get VG10 for $60. Or a Benchmade Griptilian on a site that sells them with discounts for $65-$70 and get an axis lock with 154CM. Just my opinion on the matter though if you like the design of Blackhawk! knives then your opinion matters more than mine. AUS8 isn't a bad steel, just softer than I usually like and needs frequent sharpening. As for the 561 you know I got that Coyote Brown G10 scale version! I'm so pumped to see how Rick Hinderer translates his legendary XM flippers to production with Kershaw. Have you by chance seen the ZT0777? It won knife of the year at BladeShow while the 056X series won collaboration of the year.
  10. I'm what you would call a knife guy I suppose as they have become a big hobby of mine lately. Psychobunny I can tell is too as he hit the nail on the head. I carry a ZT0350, Benchmade Doug Ritter Griptilian, and a Spyderco Para Military 2 in alternation depending on which one is sharpest at the time and whether or not I'm too lazy to sharpen my ZT0350 (my favorite one). I love my expensive knives and have a ZT0550 and a ZT0561 on pre-order, however I must second the lower priced Kershaw recommendation if you want something high value. I actually bought an Oso Sweet not to long ago and let me tell you I was in love with the design. You put S30V or CPM 154 on that and it would never leave my pocket. But as it stands the 8cr13moV blade is very good for the price and takes a great edge very easily. For ease of availability, consistent quality, and excellence in the price-range, go to your local sporting goods or department store and look at whatever Kershaws are available. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Nice collection! You could probably use a few more CQB guns though!
  12. This is in the wrong section, this should be in the real weapons sub-category. But the Becker BK2 Campanion that Idez linked is a great knife with a 5" long, 1/4" thick blade. The Becker BK7 is bigger with a 7" long, 3/16" thick blade and will work better for chopping but it's heavier and bigger. I own the BK9, which is a Becker with a 9" long, 3/16" thick blade and it's a purpose built heavy chopper. Those 3 should cover just about anything you need, and looking at the knife you linked it seems the BK7 or BK9 would be the best fit for what you want. As for the knife you linked... don't buy it. United Cutlery is just awful. If you like the other stuff it comes with buy that all separate and put it in the small external pouch the BK7 and BK9 sheaths have. That knife is almost certainly a no-name, poorly heat treated steel. Compare that to 1095 CroVan with Ka-Bar's excellent heat treat in the Becker series and it's a no-brainer.
  13. Buffalo Airsoft dot com and WNYAL dot net. Both of those are the local forums for the Buffalo area where I reside. The 2011 OP season starts soon so if you hurry you can get in on the factions for this year's series.
  14. Just sent my article to the submission email address. If you read it let me know what you think.
  15. To be ready for airsoft the main thing is to have the fundamentals down. Practice reloading, taking cover, transitioning, taking corners, moving while shooting, and of course shooting. If you can't master those it doesn't matter what condition your body's in, you will not be good at airsoft. Physical fitness is great though so if airsoft is a motivation to hit the gym go for it! As for mental preparation, since I play airsoft for fun and don't take it too seriously so the car ride up with my friends is full of joking, heavy metal, and humorous predictions for the game. Do we excel at the games? No we're a middle of the road squad most of the time, but everyone knows us because we always have fun with everyone we play with. So I suppose part of the mental preparation is the right attitude. It's a game, treat it like one and go out with the goal to have fun with friends and meet a few new ones! Now gear preparation is another matter entirely. That you should take seriously because you need to have the right equipment to be able to even participate. Here's a standard checklist: -Full seal eye protection -Gun -Magazines -Water -Food (I find peanut butter and jelly to be an ideal airsoft lunch break food LOL) -Dead rag -Boots (You will be one sad airsofter if your feet start hurting because you didn't wear a good pair of boots) -Team appropriate colors -WATER WATER WATER! -Plenty of ammo (Don't want to be THAT GUY who bums ammo off people) -Something to carry extra ammo, water, kill rag, and possibly an extra battery -DID I MENTION WATER!? If you don't have those things you are not ready to play so make sure you have at the very least those things every time you go to play.
  16. I'll try my hand at this. I'll email you a submission at the email address you listed in your last issue in a couple weeks. I was thinking of writing about writing about the upcoming expansion of the Game Face line as I know a thing or two from the inside over there.
  17. Not Dodge anymore, he quit. And how is prepaying to sell on here news to you Tkot? It's either that or spam (YES IT IS SPAM) SOA on another forum! Or having to pay for elite to avoid a 4 week wait if your thread even gets viewed at all? All of this stuff has been around for a while Tkot, and it would be naive and foolish to think people don't take issue with it, especially when there are many other places to sell for free. And people can say "Well the ASF staff help you if there's an issue," or "It helps weed out scammers." Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but neither seems to be the case. And don't get me started on the number of posts or threads that could be avoided if people would use either the search function or Google! The moderating staff seems to tolerate those fine, but the minute someone points out (often in a sarcastic way) that the thread is pointless and is beating a dead, buried, and half rotted away horse, the staff act like they're the villain. There's a difference between tolerating new members, and letting unequivocal stupidity rule the forum. ASF is beginning to lose its competitive edge over other forums, and though I like this forum and many of its members, I feel there are a couple good reasons for that.
  18. I extensively tested a Classic Army Sportline rebrand called the Game Face GF15A4 for Crosman. You want a list of pros and cons? Here you go: Pros: -Body is solid for being ABS plastic -Shimming was decent Cons: -3 piece pot metal barrel -Awful casting on some metal parts -Pot metal gearbox -Mediocre piston with soft metal teeth and the second tooth not removed -Terrible compression -Non crowned barrel with bad hop up -Spring makes terrible vibration noise every shot -AOE on mine had to be corrected immediately -Wiring is bad -Poor ROF and trigger response -Plastic bushings All of these are reasons you should buy something else and that's not all of them. In the price range, get yourself a nice Combat Machine.
  19. I really can't condemn the thread on there. Honestly they're expressing thoughts most of us who have stuck around for a couple years have had, or currently are having. I can't say I agree with everything they say, but I honestly think it would be wise for Admin to see the perception that some people have of him because of some of the things he's doing.
  20. Roger That has is just about right. Cybergun owns the rights to various real steel company licenses and then sells those rights to actual airsoft manufacturers. The best way to tell the quality of any Cybergun product is to find out what company exactly makes it. Some sites will say on there who made it originally, and if they don't searching it usually can get you an answer.
  21. inFamous is EXCELLENT. I can't believe I didn't think of that. It is absolutely a must-play.
  22. Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, and God of War are the big three really. Those are the best ones I can think of.
  23. DAWDGE. I will always know you as DAWDGE.
  24. In the picture it appears as if the mock charging handle is broken off. Can you confirm or deny this?
  25. I nominate this for the "Best Thread Ever" award. Within a matter of hours this thread received over 100 replies and became such a pit of needless lulz to warrant TWENTY SEVEN users reading it at once during its peak. This truly has been a great day.
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