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  1. Actually, that's a bad example. AR-15's, AK-47's, and even long barrel subguns like a 16inch barrel MP5 are all easy to purchase. Combined with all other long rifles they amount to roughly 300-360 deaths a year. You have a greater chance of being killed by a hammer or knife. For 2012 (lowest homicide rates): [Rifles- 322] [Knives- 1749] [blunt object (includes hammers and clubs)- 518] For 2008 (highest homicide rates): [Rifles- 380] [Knives- 1888] [blunt object (includes hammers and clubs)- 603] Handguns are the biggest threats as they're more compact for criminals to carry concealed. This is ironic as rifles have must more destructive power than handguns but are less harmful than influenza (500 deaths 2012). In fact, scary rifles are only 2.5x more likely to kill you than falling off of a step ladder (113 fatalities in 2012). http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime...n_2008-2012.xls http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime...ndedoffensemain http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6316a2.htm Suicide by firearm discharge total: 19,392 Assault (homicide) by firearm discharge: 11,078 Yup almost two thirds. pg 40. http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr61/nvsr61_04.pdf We lead the way in homicide by firearms. Everyone else commits suicide by slower, more painful, and messy means.
  2. When the military rolls up with something much larger than my 5.56, they'll have to contend with the military hardware that was seized with that 5.56 rifle along with the military personnel that defected (along with that equipment) over to the other side who would refuse illegal orders to fire on civilians. Using the military to disarm civilians already requires a huge leap to bypass the Posse Comitatus Act and the situation is going to be very very murky. Government agencies would be the ones who would really spearhead the situation and who would have to deal with armed citizens. Then comes the National Guard who live in the same State and local areas as does the Governor would commands them. So yeah, an armed citizen is going to make a pretty huge difference should a government become tyrannical and the country has a civil uprising. The biggest threat to that is apathy.
  3. Ok then you're definitely getting some valve creep. Which means you definitely need to check it for debris inside the valve area around the seals. Lube it up while you're doing it. I'm guessing that you're running a stabilizer and not a modified rock LRP. In that case, see the video below for step by step on how to disassemble and perform maintenance. The shocker lube mentioned is just a low temperature silicone grease put out by various paintball companies for their markers. You can find the same thing at a hardware store or section under names like Dow 33 or Super Lube Synthetic grease. Step by step guide using pictures. http://reviews.ampedairsoft.com/palmers-re...ear-down-guide/
  4. If those readings are right then the regulator is not allowing the air to flow after each shot. It looks like it fires full, then half pressure, and then hits a low threshold where it then resets. This looks like the valve is sticking in the regulator. This could be from dry parts that are griding/sticking or you might have debris in the valve somewhere. You'll want to disassemble it and give it a quick brush over then run some lube through it. Stick to paintball oil, oils intended for air tools, or something that is recommended in the Palmers manual. One thing did puzzle me though. You were getting consistent readings even at the end. But at the end the shots sounded much much weaker. On average, how many shots do you get out of a cartridge? It's possible that you're getting bad readings from a faulty gauge.
  5. Regulators don't attach to the fill adapter. You run an ASA to the main threads, then attach a regulator to the ASA, then attach a hose to the regulator. The 5/16 nipple is where the thing gets refilled, you don't want to remove that. I seriously doubt you're going to find any regulators at home depot that will work. The Valken outputs 850psi. You need to lower that to about 100psi and do it consistently. Look at paintball regulators for that kind of thing which are made for those kinds of pressures.
  6. Have you made any upgrades yourself? Is everything stock? There's already a thread details most of the mods in general terms. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Mods-Kjw...se-t140079.html
  7. This would not work with just an 800psi tank. This is meant for a secondary only. The website you listed shows it as an ARX20 by SMC. The specs show it as having a maximum input pressure of 2 mPa (290 psi) and operating pressure of .05 mPa (7 psi) to .85 mPa (125 psi). So you would need to run a secondary reg to lower the pressure down to 290 psi or risk blowing out the reg. Regulator specs http://content2.smcetech.com/pdf/arx.pdf
  8. Search for posts by Nodnarb about his modifications to his take down. The problem is probably your hopup system which is not very good and different from regular Tanaka/KJW M700s. Nodnarb did some mods to replace it. However, this required some drilling if I remember right.
  9. The regulator setup in the video was the Coldshot Kit by a user here named MagnumBB. It had a limited run and he's no longer making them. Unfortunately, pre-constructed air rigs that go that low are few in number. The Firebase and the Palmers setups are the only pre-constructed that I can think off off the top of my head. The Palmers is the cheaper of the two. Building your own gives you more options and can put your budget a little over $100. Less if you find a used or discounted regulator. Some guys have pull HPR's off of paintball guns like the Etek 3 or have even used ANS Jackhammer LPR's from Autocockers with great success. Right now I think the AIM inline might be the cheapest brand new. I found the following post where a guy used one to hook up a 3k tank to a nerf gun set to 70psi. The process is still the same and we run slightly higher pressure which isn't a problem (the AMI is 0-600psi adjustable). http://nerfhaven.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8632
  10. Running on the same source presents a number of challenges If you're running a secondary to engage at closer distances that require lower fps then you'll not only need to get two lines but also two different regulators. Two lines cause tangles. A line to a rifle is not extended that much from the should area where it's carried. When you move, it's at "port arms" and still at your shoulder. When firing it's at your shoulder. This is why rifles can be carried on 1 and 2 point slings with only a few modifications to transition from rest to fire. With pistols, they're stored at your hip or chest region. You have to extend them to your full arm's length when firing. This leaves lots of slack that will hang or bind up. If running from a single source this can cause some serious issues down the road including broken fittings. Using an old fashioned coil hose will alleviate some of the stretch problems but these are heavy and put a great deal of extra stress on a fitting hole that was never meant to be load bearing. If one of your hoses busts or you damage some part of the connections, you risk having a "dead" weapon in the middle of a fight. If you don't have the parts on hand, you may miss out on games as you wait for parts to be shipped or pay some overrated prices for a field to fix it for you if they have the parts. Truth be told, you're looking at an expensive way to solve a problem. It's roughly the same cost to run extra magazines but with less hassle.
  11. I used an old 16oz Co2 tank for a while until I moved to 12gram cartridges. Nubs are typically built from scratch but there are few out there intended for the VSR hopup arm that can be rigged to work. Below are some examples. http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=31599 http://www.raptorsairsoft.com/element-airs...op-up-nubs.html https://sites.google.com/site/hsarmory/home...ts-and-services http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/lofivers...hp/t225427.html For making your own, below is a basic guide. Others have used various materials. http://www.airsoftretreat.com/forums/index.php?topic=10770.0
  12. 1. Regulated air will take care of your consistency issue. It doesn't matter if it's HPA or CO2. Both run at the 800psi range out of a tank and have to be regulated down to 60-90psi. You regulator is going to be the cornerstone of any consistency you see. These are all based off of low pressure paintball regulators that intended to handle more load and discharge in 2 matches consistently than your rifle will see in a lifetime. Most people go straight to the ancient Palmers Stabilizer. Look around for more up to date versions that are cheaper. 2. This depends on #3. If you plan on using an R or ER hopup then the type of bucking doesn't matter. They stop acting like hopups and instead are only useful as an airseal. If you decide to stick with bucking and hopup nub setup then the choices matter. Nineball was typically the go to airseal if you planned on running your rifle in the 500fps+ range. Firefly's are finiky and have no air seal. King Arms used to be my favorite. I don't know if it was a bad batch but the quality of the rubber took a nose dive and degraded fast. Granted, it's been almost 3 years since and they might have corrected the problems. Someday I'll give them another go around and check. 3. The R hope and ER hop are good options. The R-hop is essentially a nub that fills up the entire hopup "window" on your inner barrel. This causes the bb to make contact and "ramp" across the R-hop as opposed to just hitting a regular nub pushing through a bucking and only having a small amount of surface area. The ER-hop is the same as the R-hop except that it is much longer and allows the bb more travel time over the hopup. However, the ER-hop requires that you extend the hopup "window" on your barrel by cutting or grinding it open more. 4. As opposed to unregulated green gas? Yes it is. You no longer have to worry about temperature. Temperature spikes and ebbs cause wild fluatuations in fps of a bb. This causes the bb to hit the hopup at slower or faster speeds leading to unusual behavior of the bb. Consistent hits out to 300" don't happen with unregulated gas unless it's a springer. As far as costs go, you've entered the realm of airsoft sniping. This isn't a cheap aspect of the game. You will be spending more money on your gun in the future if you want to improve on the very few advantages we get as airsoft snipers vs. lipo plastic spray hose guys.
  13. When it comes to 2 stage regulators, the second stage is the most important. Having an expensive regulator on the first stage then having a piece-o-crap defeats having a good first stage. The Palmers is a decent regulator that's been pushed into the background by superior low pressure regulators ever since paintball markers have been going to lower and lower pressures. However, it's still superior to a black plastic knob regulator (note SLP) meant for flowing air compressors. The Palmers have a low pressure kit which made it very airsoft specific. In short, unless you're running some ancient regulator that can't handle low pressures then it's only useful to take some load off of the 2nd stage which is where your money needs to be spent. I would recommend against 2 stages for anything else.
  14. Wow, I've never seen that part break before. Your only hope is to contact either KJW or Tanaka. KJW used to be good about that and would send small parts like that through the mail although shipping was usually more than the part. If you know anyone that has a machine shop you might also try them. You're looking at part #60 which is in fact officially named "sear".
  15. Are you sure it was your sear and not the valve knocker? Maybe something else? The sear on both the KJW and Tanaka are pretty thick chunks of metal and don't break easy. Can you describe the issue you're having?
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