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  1. TM Mp5A4 with supressor, 7x 200 rd TM hi caps, 2x 220 rd, extra CA Mp5A4 stock, KM reinforced sling pin, GP low resistance selector plate, TM reinforced selector, metal cocking lever, metal sight, metal rear sight, PA threaded adapter, systema 6.04 barrel, TM speed loader, 3x 8.4v 1500 batteries, Winstar charger, GP comp m2, low pro scope mount, MK2 dummy grenade If interested let me know I can get you pictures. Matt
  2. Thanks bud, it is a hard kick, I just shot it yesterday and it shoots harder then my Marushin 8mm.
  3. Buyer backed out on the Glock so it's still available. Price drop on the TM $270 shipped.
  4. I have a Tokyo Marui M4 SOPMOD. Let me know if you are interested. Matt
  5. I have a Blackwater MOLLE vest khaki in color, comes with a USMC radio and SAW pouch. I also have a M1 Garand bandoleer. Call me if you are interested 218 269 6705. Matt
  6. PM replied. Give me a call when your parents get home. Matt
  7. KSC Glock 19 with spare magazine, full trades $110 shipped. Next up is my Tokyo Marui M4 (SOPMOD) carbine with a replica LMT SOPMOD stock (classic army crane), Marui Rail Interface System, Knights full trades, scope riser, brand new red (and green) dot scope, 1 spare magazine, loading tool, GRIP POD system, Laser, and orange muzzle cap. This gun is not the new TM m4 Sopmod, which goes for $575, but a custom gun I built and painted. With that being said I have the original box and manual. I think $300 shipped is more then a fair price to ask with all that is being included. I have references if you need them, no paypal or personal checks. Local pickup and money order only. Finally, NO TRADES! NO TRADES! NO TRADES! NO TRADES!
  8. Sorry for the double post, but the ACH is brand new never worn with all pads and double piggy tailed snaps in the back for securing the goggles.
  9. I have a medium ACH with NVG mount, ESS low profile (or high profile)goggles, whichever u would prefir, I'd sell for $250 shipped.
  10. PM answered. $150 shipped firm. Will not part out. I have local buyers interested in paying a lot more then what I'm asking on here, but they need me to wait to get the money and I'm not doing that again. The first one who calls me or messages me asking for payment info will get it. I know we all get screwed over by the little 15 year old kid wanting us to wait for his mom or dads check to come in that never really do.
  11. I bought this gun in December, and received it in January. Shot it a few times outside and now it's sitting on my gun safe. Gun is a 2 tone and makes it a rare find. 3 mags total, asking $150 shipped. Sorry, no trades.
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