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  1. I checked out the one I wanted to buy and mags were leaking even though they were Brand new, these were WA mags 50 rounds. What mag tweeks are needed? Also when I test fired it the bolt got stuck back while the nozzle still in the chamber, he couldn't get it out. He phoned me later telling me it was the nozzle seal that made it stuck? Any thoughts on this? Could it be the gun just need to be worn in?
  2. Ever since the release of the 'Inokatsu M4 SOPMOD 2010 Super Version' ( ) I have drooled about it, dreamed about it etc. But I live in NZ and the cost of semi autoing it and shipping would cost very high. But then I found this: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=360960621 A Viper Tech m4 RAS, it claims to be OEM of that Inokatsu gun. I have been looking for reviews everywhere about this gun but could only find a French guy on Youtube which was useless for obvious reasons. ` I also learnt of an Inokatsu 2011 version? What is the difference between the 2010 and 2011? Because there is no reviews about the Vipr Tech I am basing all my info on the 2010 Inokatsu. So does anyone have any thoughts about this? The Package comes with: Viper Tech 2010 M4 RAS rifle 4x Western Arms magazines Cost: around $750 - $800 USD Is this gun worth it? CHeers!
  3. Did you guys read the question and answers sextion? What do you think about that Ash_Ketchum guy who is asking questions? Reckon you think he knows what he is talking about? Or just being a prick to the seller?
  4. He is so too! Yea it is a great gun and all, but the way he tries to conceal the problems pisses me off. And is it really true? this gun is nickel plated? Because I have owned one before and I think the chrome is 100% paint on 100% plastic.
  5. Hi guys. I just need a second opinion from those who are familiar with Tokyo Marui GBB pistols. Ok so there is this seller who is selling a TM desert Eagle chrome Could you please read his auction description: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=243950113 I don't know if it is just me but is he stretching the truth? I think he went too far saying that it is nickel plated when I know it is plastic, but not too sure. And there are problems with the gun, which he indeed states, but do you reckon he is trying to conceal it by typing up a whole lot of crap? Thanks
  6. Can I just ask a question? What is an o ring? I have read about it so many times. can someone show me a picture and where can you buy an oring locally? thanks
  7. Is the KJW m9 line really good? coz I was thinking of getting one.
  8. Tilt your gun slightly to the left while firing.
  9. Whats the quality of a Bell m92? Is bell a chinese company?
  10. Actually, the hop up on that gun, may not be technically adjustable, but it is possible. You will need to dissaessmble the inner barrel and put more preassure on the spring that pushes the rubber
  11. For real? All that for 700 US? Did you read the questions and answers at the bottom of the page?
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