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  1. Thanks for the brief overview, little disappointing to hear it's died off a bit. 2GX sounds right, I think.
  2. Hey all, Looking at getting back into airsoft after several years and a few moves, thinking about re-gearing. If I remember correctly, my old rig was a KWA M16A12 with like an m130 spring and a 6.02mm barrel, was hitting 430+ with .2g. I enjoy playing as a sniper/DMR, usually heavily camo'd and moving minimally. To meet field requirements I'd filed down my old rig so it only shot semi-automatic, couldn't go fully automatic anymore and not afraid to modify a new rig the same way. Is KWA still a good manufacturer? Looks like most of their current stuff is geared more for training, got electric feedback and stuff, not super excited about low crawling around with that extra mass and noise. Has LiPo finally fully replaced NiMH batteries? Anything other major developments in the past 5-ish years I might've missed? Thanks all
  3. If there're instructions around here on how to make a similar silencer, I've yet to find them. I've made two of these silencers so far, they reduce muzzle noise more than I thought was possible. Materials: small empty plastic bottle with a neck narrower than your outer barrel tissues something to cut with paint (optional) 1. Cut a hole in the bottom of the plastic bottle about a half-inch wider than your barrel 2. Wrap tissues around the first few inches of the barrel, then push the barrel and tissues up through the bottom of the bottle, then pull out the barrel, leaving the tissues behind 3. Repeat step 2 until the bottle is full, then repeat a few more times to increase the density of the tissues. If done properly, the tissues should be dense enough that the bottle doesn't sag when placed on the end of the barrel 4. (Optional) Repeat step 2, but wrap the tissues around a highlighter or something of similar diameter and stick it through the neck of the bottle. To hold the shape of this narrow section, you can use part of a crap barrel or possibly even a large straw, but I haven't tried anything of the sort 5. Paint for camo When in use, stick the silencer on the barrel so that the barrel comes about halfway up the silencer, or until it hits the narrow section made in step 4. This silencer is extremely inexpenisive, and only takes 5 minuts to make, if even that. It comes on and off easily, and almost completely eliminates muzzle noise.
  4. lol at people calling 80 "blazing hot"....down here, if it gets down to 80 during the summer, it's either seriously overcast, raining, or it's about 3 AM. And if the humidity drops below 40%, it's a drought. I've played in fairly nasty conditions on the hot and wet side of things, but never cold. I'd rather have played in Ike than play in cold and raining. I don't do cold. I was shocked to find that my extremedies actually do turn blue, I always thought that just happened in cartoons... but yeah, if it gets too wet and we're really itching to play, we just tape up any seal we think might leak.
  5. I recently bought a JG M4, and a close friend of mine bought a JG M16 at the same time. The only noticeable differences I could tell (other than the obvious) was that his seemed to be slightly more accurate out of the box, but after shooting 1000 rounds or so his accuracy seemed to go down a bit, and mine is now more accurate than his. That could just be the individual guns we bought, though. I haven't noticed any difference in battery life. My M4 also seems to have a slightly higher ROF. I'm going to completely take his gun apart sometime soon (hopefully tomorrow) while installing an H-style hop-up nub for him, so I'll repost sometime after that happens to report on both the effectiveness of the upgrade and the differences in internals. Personally, I'd go with the M4. There's a lot you can do with the rails on its grip. And the neighborhood boys seem to think I have the better gun, though I have no empirecal evidence to prove it.
  6. Is there a list of recommended upgrades for the JG M4 somewhere on ASF? I just bought an Echo 1 H-shaped hop-up spacer (mine disappeared the first time I took it apart, so I temporarily replaced it with part of a pen's ink tube) and the systema bucking for good measure. Anything else I should get, like a certain tightbore? I have about a $75 dollar budget, don't really wanna go all out, just the basics. I also finally got the balls to open it up completely and fully, gearbox and all, and know my way around it fairly well now.
  7. yeah, I know how important it is.....but still, I'm sure they could have made the spring holding it against the gear just a little bit softer, would make things so much easier.... oooo, thank you. was looking for a cheap way to do that. I think I might be doing that one tonight
  8. ok just completely took apart my M4 and rebuilt it, got some help in the chat room. that little nub is definetly not in there. Thanks for all the help, I will definetly be buying that Echo 1 hop-up spacer in the very near future. There's nothing like taking apart your first and only AEG - for the first time - putting it back together, and it actually working! btw, whoever invented the little trigger to prevent the gears from going backward should be taken out and shot. I had to use my foot as a third hand to get the gearbox back together.
  9. ok, thanks. I've heard of that kind of nub before on the forums, didn't really know what they were talking about at the time, though I understand the principle behind their shape. At the moment I really don't have the time to mess around too much with the internals...but today I did try to do the full take-down, just to learn in case I did have time later, but I ran into some problems. I took off the barrel, inner barrel, bucking, spacer, handle and motor assembly, the full butt and battery assembly, took out the thin pin above the trigger and the thick pin near the butt, but it still wouldn't come apart. The top would fold up maybe a quarter of an inch, but then it seemed to be hitting something. Did I forget to take something out?
  10. oh yeah, I didn't see any little nub like that thanks for the picture though I can see where the lever is sticking through, but no nub... anyone know something I can replace it with? like maybe just another piece of plastic carved down to about the same shape and super-glued in place?
  11. I pulled out the inner barrel and bucking together, but I didn't see any "little rubber nub"...can you describe it please? I think I might have lost it at an earlier time. I think I've just about figured out how everything works (with the exception of the "little rubber nub"), and it's still firing with down-spin...I'm hoping that it's just that little rubber nub thing that's missing.
  12. My name is Samuel Mayfield. I am 17 (18 in two months), and from a town south of Houston. I am pretty new to the airsoft world, but have grown up around family and friends with either current or past military experience, as well as several family members employed by NASA or one of its contractors in the past. I am currently applying for the United States Air Force Academy, and attended one of their summer seminars this past summer. Through the AFA, I hope to either become a pilot and later an astronuat, or go into pararescue. My interests in the hidden forums are the natural distater and military survival topics. Having recently survived hurricane Ike, I have a bit of experience with natural disastor preparation and clean-up. I've also studied several survival guides from the local military surplus outlet, don't know if that counts for anything. I also know quite a bit about the theory and developement of nuclear weapons.
  13. thanks, it did help. have no idea how to look at the nub though...would I just look down the barrel? I have an idea of how to turn it around again... If the spacer is the little plastic clip that holds the inner barrel in place, I've still got that.
  14. If the wires for your battery don't fit, you're just not trying hard enough. Push the battery in and up, then there should be room for the rest of the stuff. I have had my JG M4 for about a month and a half now, and was recently experimenting with it to try and figure out how to replace the inner barrel. I managed to partially pull out the inner barrel, and spin it around a bit, but couldn't get it out. Now the hop-up has been reversed. The more I crank up the hop-up, the faster it dives. Great for shooting people behind barriers, but not too hot on accuracy. Anyone know how to fix this?
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