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  1. Your post is very vague. Central valley where? CA? AZ?
  2. I've got a few people down here in Lake Havasu. We usually play on sundays. We won't start playing again till January do to scheduling conflicts.
  3. Looking for a complete M16 front end. Plastic handguards only. thanks
  4. Looking for a Metal M4 upper. Cheap. as long as it has all its parts and isn't broken anythings good. 2 complete rear wired V.2 gearboxes. Cheap. Clone is fine. used is fine, they are going into loner guns. Rear wired! Brand new JG gearboxes are $60-$70 so cheaper then that. 2 motors 2 stocks. full or collapsible m16 hand guard triangle ring. I'll add more as I can think of it! Thanks!
  5. I just bought two pair of used ESS for no more then $16 they were in fair shape. You should be fine.
  6. I hate Airsoft Megastore! there products are more exaggerated then Airsplat. SRC Has come along way since they started. However I can only imagine there Sportline quality being on par with Classic Army Sportlines. AS Suggested I would go with the G&G Combat Machine/Sportline Series. They are quite nice and durable.
  7. I'm looking for midcaps. need them before the 18th of next month. looking for all types, vietnam, MAG, KA, Metal, ECHO1, Any company. Looking for a lot. Would prefer to pay less then $5 a mid. Can also trade and will ship first. SR-25- I am looking for the lowest possible price. Can be in any shape , but MUST feed well. Need for a CA SR25. thanks, -chris
  8. I have Spring type Blousing Bands/ I don't like having to fish around for the thin braided ones. And I blouse the Marine Corps way, inbetween the first and second eyelet.
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