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    I like airsofting and making gadgets for airsofting. I just finished making a portable ghetto blaster that straps to my back for battle music! I really love making sstuff out of PVC pipe: ive already made tripmines, bunkers, and RPG's out of PVC and heavy springs!

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    Not to much to brag about, I own mostly cheap springs for practice: 2 shotguns, a FAMAS, and a couple of pistols and old broken rifles. Soon i'll be getting better guns, hopefully a AK-47 and a nice sniper :)
  1. Just yersterday I played a game with this guy who used a Electric Sniper rifle. I havn't ever seen or even thought of doing an electric sniper but it didn't work that bad (the way he used it at least, he was a heavy gunner who wanted to be a sniper ;). I have been looking for a sniper rifle and I know that there are going to be some times (because im still learning) when I will need to lay some quick bursts at someone who discovers and rushes me. The electric would solve that problem but the only problem I noticed is it only had about a 150ft accuracy range and after that I could easily dance around the bb's. I failed to ask any details about the gun, all I know is that it was a couple hundred dollars and electric. So my next gun will certainly be a sniper rifle so I'm curious whether or not I should buy a similar electric sniper rifle, or a standard sniper and a good AEP or somthing.
  2. I just got to use 3 favorites today ( I believe I got all of them from this website ) First I had 1 hit point left, in bad cover, but with a fresh clip in my AEG; the enemy bb's could easily penetrate the nearby bushes so I was going to die anyway so I went out in style "spray n' prayin" yelling "RAAAMBOOOOO!!!" in some weird accent I made up on the spot. I got about 70bb's from the 3 AEG's attacking but we all had a good chuckle. Second I just decided to take the enemy by surprise while rushing them (one of the few times I actually rush) yealling "FRIENDLY FIRE!!!" Third *same scenario, different round* "DON'T SHOT I'M RELOADING" EDIT: oh yes and I caught myself about to lay supressive fire while running to a better position yelling "FOR THE PRECIOUS", but I stopped right as I ran out and just chuckled gleefully whilst doing it... I hate some of those stupid battle crys people make up on here that usually stick in your head like this one!
  3. Hmmm... I was thinking about this very question today. This is what I would do. You could offer alternate means for mercying: to prevent the single stealthy person from mercy-ing 3+ people, you can only mercy people as a group if you have an equal or greater number of people that are within the mercy range. In the case that you are a single trying to mercy a group: Knife Kills--- being tapped by a rubber bayonnett or double tapped with a bare hand or (as mentioned) offer them the chance to surrender, those that don't drop their weapons quickly can be shot close range And if your problem is simply enforcing your current rules then make punishments for breaking it. I would suspend them from the game and/or the mercy rule can now be ignored on that person. Don't let them give you that "Well I didn't know that I was within 20ft of them!" thats a loud of bull, even if you were born without an understanding of distance you should still be able to tell that someone is a bit to close to shoot. Obviously you want your group to know all of these rules before the game starts so everything is fair PS Im glad to see people actually using the mercy rule, I for one hate seeing when my last commrade has been encircle at a 20ft radius by 3 350+ AEG's, and not to mention the prick on our team who likes to use his M-60 SAW (400+fps) at close range on unsespecting players
  4. So I have several fields I play on and each one of them has these open fields with small natural bunkers which players love to camp in. I for one am a self proclaimed hybrid-sniper, simply meaning I imply the stealth and tactics of a sniper with semi-close range AEG's (mainly because I can't yet afford high class sniper rifles or long range AEG's). So I will admit I never really liked staying in one spot waiting for the enemy to come to me or even holding a single position for too long, I sneak slowly through bushes to position myself and then cause some damage and/or confussion then dash through the trees to reposition. Maybe I do this because it's simply my personality or maybe I just like being the guy that just suprises and wears down the enemy. Anyways back to the point, I am out ranged by one nice AEG on the field by ~50ft who loves sticking to this little bunker in the middle of a meddow, often times he has one or two teammates in there with him. So I can't rush them easily (halfly becuase that's not my style) because there is only a HEAVY line of bushes maybe 25ft away, that is way to thick to sneak through, trust me. I decided that it would be too risky to rush, and to difficult (for the fact of the visibility in my best nearby sniping location and the fact that I have a low chance of a hit when they are kneeling in that bunker) to snipe them from my nearby location. So I decided to have them come to me somehow. This will be difficult though because they have little reason to come out and it will be hard to lure them with out giving away my position. I am a bit of a lone wolf so ideally I would have a way to lure them out that I can acomplish by myself. But ocasionally I have a fellow sniper (that actually uses long range weapons) that accompanys me occasionally and he could assist in flushing those rats out of their hole. So I just want to know what experience all of you have with debunking and the best tactics in a 1-2 person group for debunking. If I missed any important information please let me know and I will give it. PS. Ive tried using a teammate as bait to lure them to an open area for me to pick them off but they are either 1) smart 2) stuborn 3) a little bit of both and will just try to hit him from their base. PPS. My best choice for a nearby sniping location is about 50-75ft away from their bunker, a grenade could do the trick but we often don't use grenades. Also the location is on the edge of the meddow in some thin bambo-like plants with large blossum things on the top (exelent camo but offers little cover if they discover me).
  5. I know people have cool/funny team names, code names, and (if you are like me) weapon/equipment names, hell maybe you even have nicknames for locations you play at so I wanna hear em' here. I named my AK-47 "Matilda" --- I realised a few days after naming her that was the name of one of the guns in Resident Evil 4, but the name had already stuck. Shortly after I named by rubber bayonnett "Hermes" after the Greek messenger /THOU SHALT NOT USE MY NAME IN VAIN/ (sort of a messenger of death). My buddy's nickname (outside of airsoft) is ":censored2:-Bitter" theres a story behind that but it's probably one of those storys that's only funny if you were there! My team also named a tree on our field "The Old Man In the Tree" because looking at it a night there is a large branch that got hit by lightning or somthing but it looks like a face at night, and if you look at it long enough then I kid you not you can almost see the thing turn and look at you! Now our squad is named after him, somthing like "The Old Man In The Tree's Loyal". Anyways enough from me what about you?
  6. It is a JG here is the link to where I bought it http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=2572 it is a JG Full Metal AK-47 RIS
  7. I just recently bought a new AK-47 and the gun is absolutly beautiful!!! The only real thing that is plastic about it is the magazine which I will soon replace. The thing is a dream except for the fact that she is noisy, each shot sounds like a helicopter flying (don't know how that works but it's awesome!). I don't mind the sound it's just that I am going to be sneaking alot, the less noise my gun makes when it fires the less likly others in the area are going to know I'm there. Also, somwhat more importatly, the gun can be mistaked for a real gun by the sound (I learned this when I was tempted to shot off the gun at my hillside, someone heard and called the sheriff, we explained what happened and I got away with a warning). So I would just like to see if there was a preferably cheap way to make the gun quieter. I havn't taken an in depth look at the gun yet but I believe if I just make a supressor it will at least direct the noise to only one main space. Also I know they make the fake suppresors for airsoft guns but I don't think they make any for rifles or if they'll even work. So I guess I'm asking if the suppressors or silencers will work or work on my AK. Much thanks
  8. Sarah Palin was horny while Chuck Norris and his pwning Autobot pwned wrinkly yellow vikings.
  9. I and my girlfriend went to the bowling alley alot and there were so many times in that place where my voice cracked in front of her! And when my voice cracks it cracks big time! I asked a girl out once and a bunch of her friends. I was shitting bricks but luckily she said yes! What was really awkward though is I guy JUST asked her out 5mins before and was sitting right there! She said yes to him but had to break up with him because she liked me more than him! I feel bad for that dude but oh well alls fair in love and war. I was in the 4th of July parade in my town and I saw a bunch of fine girls winking at me while I was walking... I started talking to them and got a few numbers but then realised my float was gone! I said id call and started to run. I forgot my belt and suddenly my pants fell to my ankles and the whole town and the girls saw me fall on the side walk in my boxers! I had to run down a side street away from everyone to hide my embaressment. My school got me in a picture at the black light dance. It wasnt bad except I was headbangging right then to some AC DC song or somthing. In the pic I looked like I just did some "mary-j" while getting hit in the face with a sledge hammer! Plus I have long hair for a guy so everyone was kindof gathering around me like I was the main attraction (cuz noone could headbang there lol), and my hair was going every which way Or oh I was singing some stuff from Rammstein (I do that alot) and I was singing Mein Teil and I had to explain the lyrics to a few girls (song about cannabalism), or a certain part of Benzin where he says "I don't need a woman just vasealinn" Ive done alot of screwed up stuff
  10. 1) I had a friend that is really skinny and hates it when ppl pick her up so I just had to do it but she kept side stepping so I snuck up on her and did it but didnt get a really good grip! luckily she didnt fall but I set her down only to reallize one hand grabbed one naughty place and the other grabbed very close to another place when it slid!!! Luckilly she was cool! 2)I was being goofy and I did somthing a friend didnt like and she went to hit me only to hit me in a certain place! Luckily it wasnt a hard hit but she felt bad for a long time! 3)I was being goofy and I increased the boldness of my abs with a sharpie very cheesy but I like doing that... she knew I did it and threw my shirt up to see in front of everybody! I was the laughing stock for a while! 2&3 werent so bad but I felt really bad about #1!!!
  11. Okay heres one that I loved!!! So were doing a commanders game where team members got infinite respawns as long as their commander was still alive. I was commander for my team and immediently the game started badly for us. It was 4V4 by the way. So we set up HQ at this fort... bad idea can be flanked from neerby trees, either side of it (it was large it was an old house), nothing but open space and little cover, and no escape route... the only reson we picked it was for the balcony that was near impossible to take control of! And I mean it it would take a real special type of idiot to lose control of this balcany. So J and M hold off this balcony while W and I cover our ground near the bottom. Very quickly I am forced into a corner by the enemy flanking us. I decide to run for cover and fire like crazy just to scare the ---- out of them. I get great cover, but very far away... I am wearing good BDU's so I figure I can sneak back and get a better hold on my situation. I find a team captain secured on the balcony with a hardcore sniper, taking both J and M hostage and immobile, W has been killed and just bolted out of the res zone tworads me! W and I are now positioned on the top of a small hill in the middle of a field with only a small thin tree line blocking us from the base. The captain and another guy, one with a SAW and the other with a AEG, start to build mobile bases (plywood with handles) to attack. They are just out of our range so we bolt down the back of the hill and follow an old deer trail east. I see tan to my right and shout down while shoving W onto the ground and pulling out a grenade. Just before I pull the pin I realise it was only a frghtened deer! We laugh and keep moving eventually making our way back the the fort and slaying the two men guarding the balcony (J and M wernt to happy that they were captive up there and were killed with the grenade but thats what they get for losing the balcony!). W now takes the balcony and I guard its entrance. Nothing happens for a long tme so I explore the treeline to find the captain and sniper exasted and drinking from a canteen by a bush. I had a easy time dispatching them since they werent aware of their surroundings. They would have won the entire game if they would have returned to the base but they heard someone running west when W and I bailed so followed it assuming it to be us. It was the deer I startled!!! It took them 3/8 a mile off corse running in full gear and the 3/8 of a mile running to get back exasted them! Thanks to mother nature we won!
  12. Haha I love battle crys! I don't really use battle crys so much because with all the adrenaline of the moment I usually forget. When I am playing as a tank or in a group I do like to do one little fun thing: I made a sort of boom box that straps to my belt/shoulders and plays music off my iPod. I'll blast somthing really cool on the boom box right before I charge usuallly somthing heavy or funny like "white and nerdy" by wierd al yankovich or atreyu. I will also play the intro into the best of iron maiden cd I have *Churchill's Speach* right before we play/charge (WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER!) One very funny battle cry I have been known to use is *phenetically* "Sota wa re su des!" which is Japanese for You are a silly squirrel and "Domono bak inie" which I believe is means F you in japanese
  13. Yes this is backyard airsoft but only because nobody is going to let us hang out in the woods where we normally airsoft at night (espesually since everyone up there is BAT- -INSANE!!! and carrys guns! thats the worst type of insane!). So we almost have to do it backyard.
  14. yeah but I wanted to airsoft all night long (like 11 at night to sunrise! don't ask but there is a way we can sleep during the time). I know this sounds insane but the topic is on the curfew not on the game. I don't think any of the adults are going to want to give up their night to help a couple of kids walk around like less than a half a mile. (The street is fairly well traveled, although not nearly as much at night) I am don't want to break the law by walking around like that (espesually carrying projectiles at night!!!).
  15. I was planning a large airsoft event where there would be two teams on the sides of a hill (and yes this is fairly urban neighboorhood). I heard from a fairly reliable source that minors couldn't be out at night with out a parent past 10/11 oclock (forgot which one). I could go into detais about the setup, how one of the houses is in a gated community and everything but all I really need to know is: "Is it legal for minors to be out alone past the time 10/11 oclock?". And incase you didnt notice, or if it even makes a difference to the question, I live in California. PS. I did use the search on this topic but didn't find it. So please don't be to mad if I just recreated a thread.
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