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  1. im 13 years old and live in north bergen new jersey I want to knoe were I can buy an airsoft gun and a place to play near me in north bergen
  2. oh, cool man. also are you guys like pro with really good guns and stuff? what are the fps of most guns? im kinda worried cause I only have a 200 fps.
  3. cool I signed up. waiting for the confirmation email im fourteen. and my brothers 15 will we be able to play any games with yall?
  4. I live in metairie la I don't have anywhere to play. Please tell me there is a arena by metairie!
  5. otaku123


    I live close to new orleans in metairie
  6. otaku123


    I want to return a airsoft but it came in a plastic case and I took it apart I taped it back together and I want to return it is it still possible to return the airsoft?
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