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  1. You're looking at at least $2000 to repair assuming you know people. Is it totaled? Well depends what the car means to you. In myby opinion, it's not worth fixing
  2. I agree. How much longer are they going to milk the shooting. Not to mention the songs played and the butchering of America's Anthem. I stopped watching after that disrespectful nonsense
  3. I shoot 450 out of the box and I don't break that easy. But I'm not for sale, and I doubt you'll find any sniper for sale. (slavery ended)
  4. I think it's annoying when people say I want to get a new sniper.
  5. Honestly, this isn't really a big deal. Try and get her and if not, go for someone else. You're in school all day so shouldn't be that hard to meet people
  6. If you worked it the top receiver rail, it would be great. It should be one with the RIS
  7. Another thing, like Wildman said, no drop leg. Also...your helmet looks like a MICH 2002. Whatever it is, ACH is a must. With FG chinstraps Gloves...maybe HATCH?
  8. Get foliage green goggles Vest: ACU IOTV or if you want to be current (laugh) a KDH plate carrier Weapon needs a 14.5" barrel with KAC rails Aimpoint M68 CCO or ACOG/FAST (Any type) Tan PEQ-15 Surefire M951 KAC Grip KAC Rail Covers
  9. Looks great! Looks too clean though. Nothing a few games can't fix Our loadouts are always very similar. How tall are you? And how do you like the TYR hydro?
  10. LMFAO I spent $300 on my gaming PS3
  11. Work for. Set a budget every year and buy and sell gear to keep it fresh. I have 20+ guns right now. And I never get rid of any. It's all about whether you can afford it or not. If you don't have the money, save until you have all of it. Simple
  12. Do they make a 12.5? That would be best for me.
  13. Even if it's long, at least it's correct. If OP IS looking for a holographic sight with a FTS or fixed magnifier, it'll run about $150 max. Ask t-tiger, his are good. I have a few of his products
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