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  1. Hey all! So I recently moved from Richmond Va (Airsofting was AWESOME there) Into the mountains of South West Virginia (Va tech, New River Valley ect.) and was wondering if there are any local fields or players to get together and sling some plastic. I know of ACVT but they usually take a hiatus during the summer months and Im looking for some stable players/locations. I have a decent amount of experience but honestly just looking to have a good time on a beautiful weekend! Thanks!
  2. Hello all! So Ive been airsofting for quite a while now and have been through SEVERAL different types of guns. Until recently, I have been an AEG guy. They have been consistent, reliable and generally easy to use, although I have grown an enormous liking to GBBR's. I love the solid feel of the guns, the intense kick and reduced complexity of internals. I got so into them that I ran out and got a KWA MP7 and tricked it out. So far its been great except for a few problems that are common with gas guns. So after wanting more gas goodness, Ive wanted to get a gas M4 platform to build a DMR. Ive been very excited to get it up and running, although I have been struggling between a bunch of different brands. But I have started noticing that im falling out of love with gas guns. My MP7 is my baby but after putting it down and running with an older AEG, I enjoyed the amount of versatility and lack of hassle that comes with the platform. So now im COMPLETELY rethinking everything. I want that feedback of a GBBR but without the maintenance and price. So im looking at the KWA RM4 scout. Sure it doesnt have the same amount of feedback as a GBBR but it has way more than the typical AEG. Plus I can use a huge variety of different, FAR cheaper mags with a higher count of compacity. So here is my ultimate question, is it possible to turn the RM4 into a proper DMR? And more so, is it a simple process? I have talked to a few of my friends and they seem a little torn on the gun. Some say its too proprietary, so upgrades would be hard to come by/perform. And other say that there are too many moving parts and fear for the integrity of the entire gun itself. But on the other side of things, I live about 30 minutes from Gi Tactical here on the East Coast, so parts and upgrade work is no problem for me. So is it worth it to drop the GBBR in favor of an ER gun? Or should I stick to GBBR's or even more simply, a basic AEG? Thanks in advance for the help!
  3. Hello all! So I looked through the search function for this exact question andit came up with results from 4 or 5 years ago, and im unsure whether they have changed at all. Ok so I want to order a TM 5-7 with an extra mag off Redwolf airsoft because I have heard a LOT of good things. But Im unsure of the shipping times. I know that coming from Hong Kong, other places take upwards of a month or more. Im looking to get the basic courier shipping at around 39 bucks and it is being shipped to the East Coast, Va more specifically. Roughly, how long SHOULD it take to get here? A few days, a week, a month?
  4. Hello all! Ok so im looking to get into my first GBBR. Im aware of the expense and general up keep so please do not lecture me on that. Im simply looking for a few quick answers to my questions! First, I like would to get into a longer rail system (10+) on the full length M4, but im a bit unsure of the compatibility of the rail systems. Im looking to put something like this on it: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=36062 But it says AEG's and nothing about GBBR's so im unsure. I also have an old A&K SR25 that has the stock rail system attached to it, is it possible to attach that rail system to the M4? I understand it would nearly hit the end of the barrel, but I was hoping to toss a mock suppressor on the end to have it look more proper. So just lemme know what you think! I am excited to get into the GBBR game! Thanks!
  5. Hey all! Ok so I just bought a new KWA MP7 and I adore it. I used for the first time today and it shot like a dream. Although in the middle of one of our matches, a sudden downpour hit the field. It was an awesome experience and wasn't worried about anything at all. The gun is gas powered after all, a little rain would never hurt it. Well after packing everything up at the end of the day, I stored the MP7 back into its styrofoam box and took it home. I dropped it off real quick and ran out for some other plans. Well I got back home a few minutes ago and wanted to take the MP7 out to just kind of clean it up a bit and make sure it was ok. To my dismay, most of the metal pieces were coated in an odd white film. At first, I thought they were just water marks, so I scrubbed them down with some VERY diluted soap water and although, it decreased the presence of the "stains", they didnt completely disappear. This has me a bit worried as Im afraid it is some type of corrosion and I may have hurt my brand new gun permanently. I removed the charging handle and bolt, and although they were a little soggy, there was no film. Im thinking it may have been a reaction to the styrofoam or possibly left over propane residue. Im a bit worried, I have yet to fire it out of pure fear. Can anyone explain this? Is it something serious or am I just over reacting?
  6. Hey guys! Ok so I have been getting into this whole GBBR thing. I have yet to own one, but after shooting my friend's KJW M4, Im in love. Yes I know, the mag size sucks, gas is inconsistant and its damn near unable to compete with AEG's, but I just cant get over that awesome feeling of that recoil and trigger response. But anyway, ive been doing a lot of research on different types of GBBR's and other alternatives like Polarstar, but Daytona gun keeps popping up. Im relativly familiar with how Gas work and okish with understanding polarstar, but Im clueless when it comes to Daytona Gun. What is it? Is it better than Greengas/HPA? Is it cheaper? More expensive? Does it keep the realisim with recoil? Is it any more competitive? Im just curious, It seems like Polar star and Daytona has popped up so quick that I havnt seemed to keep up as well as I would like.
  7. RedRaptor

    m14 ebr aeg

    Save up an extra 50/75 bucks and get the Cyma varient. I personally own the EBR and it is by FAR the best stock gun I have ever owned. Its solid when it comes to build quality, shoots decently (370 with .2) hard and has one hell of an awesome hop up system. I own the A&K SR25 which is in the similar price range and out shoots it by nearly twice the range (And thats with a tighbore, new bucking and nub installed on the SR25). The only draw back is the weight, it weights as much as a house. but thats to be expected with EBR's. The only other small let down is the stock, it has the navy style stock which works just fine but I prefer the typical M14 ebr stock. With all that said though, it is one HELL of a nice dmr platform and an AMAZINGLY well performing stock gun. Get it and sit back and enjoy the immense amount of awesome the thing spits out. Thats the Cyma at the top and the A&K in the middle
  8. Hey all. I just bought a kwa mp7 (fan girl scream) and I'm looking to do some modifications. I plan to roll with it while using a suppressor for the badass look and to increase the barel length for some slight increase in accuracy. The only problem I will see going into this is the outrageous fps the thing will spit out. In addition to the suppressor I ordered, I also grabbed the dangerwerx flute valve which should bring the fps dowm to a respectable, non ridiculous amount, but I'm not sure if it will be enough for some local cqb fields which are limited to 350-375 depending on the mood of the owner. So will a looser bore barrel help? Should I just blow some more money on the cqb bolt, or should it be ok with the flute valve? Edit: sorry, the ipad auto corrected fps in the title and now I can't fix! My apologies!
  9. be careful with that gun. It is brand new and no one knows if its really any good. If you can wait a little while, a couple months at the most, than you can get an idea of the quality from those who have already used them extensively. WE has an interesting track record with their guns. I know its cheap and very cool, but I would recommend waiting or spending a little extra money and grabbing the KWA MP7 just to be sure that it works well.
  10. I guess what I mean by good is its overall performance. I agree, its not perfect an noone should expect anything less than perfect out of the box, but thats what you get when you pay less money. Less money means sacrifices were made some where. In this case, sometimes the mags leak, which is an easy fix. Being in airsoft, its kind of expected that things need to be tinkered on to work perfectly, thats the way airsoft works, even in the most expensive of guns. Again Im not saying its right, but thats what happens. Again and I put a lot of emphasis on this, WE is good FOR WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Its no where near the quality of higher brands, but its not god awful. At least in my experiance. Buying a WE is not advised if you just save a little money, but buying WE is better than buying a lot of other out there.
  11. Oh yeah, I wasn't saying WE is a great company, what I was attempting to get across is that with my experience, I have had pretty good luck. I do not believe WE is as bad as everyone makes them out to be, but they are also not good by any stretch of the imagination. Like I said, WE is not a great GBB company but there are worse options out there. Elite force M1911's and most of the "Higher end" walmart GBB's come to mind.
  12. Unfortunately if you are looking for a "decent" gun with a higher FPS (Which doesn't mean anything) you need to be looking upwards of $200+. Most clone guns do decently but even at 150 or less, its going to be difficult to find ANYTHING that will last you for more than a year. An exception to that would be a JG G36C, which I still believe is one of the best deals you can get for an AEG under 200 bucks, that is, if you can find it. The other half of this is finding an unusual gun. Most unusual guns will be a higher price because they are better quality and a higher entry price. Think about it, if a product is cheaper, usually it will saturate the market because its more easily accessible by people looking to spend less money (Which is everyone) so even if its less common than an M4, attempting to find a decent gun that no one else has will be VERY difficult. The more you spend, the less common it will be. Keep in mind too, even if you want to get a common looking gun, chances are that there is a ton of different things you can add to it to make it unique and stand out. Hell even the M4, which is INSANELY common can look really unique and badass with a few minor tweaks like furniture and accessories. TL;DR If you want a unique gun that's half way decent, spend more money. Want save some money, buy a less unique gun and still spend atleast $175-200+
  13. I haven't had a LOT of experiences with GBB pistols but based on my old WE Hi Capa, Im not really sure where the hate is coming from. I bought mine used off a guy who was trying to get rid of it quick. It came with a standard mag and extended and I used it pretty heavily for the better part of the year and had little to no problems. In fact it shot better than most people's AEG's (Accuracy wise at least). It kicked really hard and had a nice hefty feel. The only reason I sold it was because of its look and feel. It didn't sit right with me as a player and just didn't feel right in my hands. Thats not a fault of WE or the pistol, more of my personal preference. The only SERIOUS problem I had with it was the occasional leaky mag, which, if you don't know by now, is a big problem with WE mags. But honestly, I wouldn't pass over another WE just because some people believe they are terrible guns. Are there lemons? Yes. Are they as good as KWA's? Hell no. Are they good for the price? Absolutly. I would still recommend KWA or TM over anything else out there but if your stuck on WE, there are a LOT worse options to go with. And if you have the extra doh, look at the KWA P226. I have yet to shoot it, but I have held it and it is by FAR the most substantial and solid feeling pistol I have ever held.
  14. Yeah Im still debating between the two. The MP7 is so damn fun to shoot and I know I would have a blast with it, but the mag price is what kills me and the size is a bit goofy to run with as a sidearm. On the other hand we have the 5-7 which is unique, cheaper and a bit more practical. But I feel like there would be better support if the KWA starts acting up since it is more readily available here in the states. Where the 5-7 is generally only available over seas and mid summer temperatures here in Va. don't play kindly with more fragile guns like the 5-7. Its such a dilemma attempting to pick between two very cool guns! Thanks again for the input. PS. I actually had a WE Hi Capa and was really impressed with the performance and mag compacity, but I just HATED the way it looked and felt. It was big, clunky, and just didn't feel right with me. That's actually the reason I am looking for another side arm, I just sold the hicapa! PSS. If I were to go with the 5-7 from red wolf, How long does shipping usually take and is there anything I should be worried about? I have never ordered overseas and am not to familiar with how customs handles these things.
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