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  1. Bump. RLCS MAP and Nacre quietpro on ebay, still taking offers.
  2. M4: VFC gearbox shell VFC 8mm bushings RiotSC 18:1 gears Lonex ARL Lonex piston Lonex sound absorption metal piston head Lonex double O ring cylinder head Modify ball bearing spring guide Modify nozzle Modify cylinder TM tappet plate G&P M160 motor Lonex hopup chamber Lonex 407mm tightbore Madbull blue bucking AB MOSFET Madbull Daniel Defense body VFC buffer tube Magpul ASAP Magpul MOE grip Magpul CTR Magpul curved trigger guard Madbull 14.5" Noveske trademarked barrel KAC TTB Madbull RIS II VFC mag catch KWA flip up front sight VFC 300m rear sight King Arms PEQ15 King Arms 11.1v 1450mah lipo Deans MK18: SRC gearbox shell CA 6mm bushings Lonex 18:1 gears AIM steel tooth rack piston Prometheus polycarb piston head Modify spring guide Modify cylinder head Modify nozzle SRC cylinder Modify new-gen hopup chamber Firefly bucking 300mm steel tightbore Hurricane M16A2 traded body M16A1 grip Car15 stock "CQB" sling plate Troy rear sight SRC barrel Birdcage flash hider KAC vert grip Madbull DD RIS II
  3. picture of my latest acquisition:
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