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    PRIMARY: Aftermath Kraken AK 47, internal mods to come. SECONDARY: Long barrel smith and wesson M4505 PROJECT: moddified gamo shaddow 1000 fps airsoft sniper. prototype shot a .12 bb threw 5 whole soda cans. needs boring of the barrel work done.
  1. can any body point me in the direction of these conversion kits?
  2. what all comes in the conversion kits, like a longer barrel and a longer outer barrel/hand gaurd? cause that would be all I would need, right?
  3. When did I say I wanted a AK? read the whole thread next time...
  4. looking at the G36C it has a little shorter barrel (247mm) than I would like, so I was thinking of maybe getting a longer one and hiding it with a silencer, but I have heard that if u increase the barrel length of most guns then u need a bore-up kit. so would it need a bore up kit? what would be the best silencer about 11cm long? what type of threads are on then end of the barrel? was also thinking of going maybe to a G36K inner barrel (357mm long) which is close to 11cm longer than origional.
  5. looking at the KWA G36C under features it says "10mm Metal Bushings" but then in the description it says "8mm bearings" which one is it? How long (lol sounds wrong) is the barrel? what kind of ROF do these get? how strong are the plastic bodies on these? do they come in steel bodys? and being a KWA should it be good for a 30k+ before upgrades or repairs?
  6. so I am taking my crappy aftermath ak-47 back and I would like to buy a nice name brand gun but am unsure on what brand to get. so I need recomendations it needs to atleast be able to mount a scope, decent internals, vers. 3 gearbox, and some accessory rails. Assault rifles with version 3 gearboxes only I am looking for the best bang for my buck, but am going to limit myself to under $300
  7. looks like the gun you linked to HAS a side mount so any of those scope mounts should work
  8. may I ask why u don't want the 400 fps? it also depends on what your doing that it would be good to downgrade or leave it.
  9. I think I am going to try to paint them first cause thats well.... free. also I havent seen any ak47 rail mounts, we had to have some scope mounts welded up for both of our real steel SKS's, and I know they have to be out there for airsofts. but for now il stick with open sights, I really don't need a scope or red dot yet. is there any or if so about how much break in time on Prometheus or Systema barrels? also for like $5 more I think its worth it to get a stainless steel barrel over a brass barrel.
  10. Would The King Arms 8MM Reinforce Gearbox with Bearings for AK be a good base to build off of? im also thinking of the steel Guarder Version 3 Cylinder Head, Systema Duracon piston head with bearings, Guarder steel Bushings and shims, JBU 6.03mm High Precision stainless steel Barrel for AK 47, and Echo 1 Version 3 Spring Guide with Bearings. can deside on a new Loading Nozzle (is it needed?), cylinder (recomendations?), piston (recomendations again), Tappet plate (is this needed?), and hop up sleeve and bucking. I have no idea what fps it is going to shoot after I upgrade it, it probably shoots 350 fps stock and with both the bearings its going to pre-load the spring more. so what bucking would I need, it might be close to the borderline of most makers. also does anybody know about differnt sights, I find in the heat of battle it takes me to long to aim, this has never been a problem till now, it seems like the black on black open sights are harder to see. shoud I just paint them or should I try to put some tru-glo neon fiber optics in them? thanks.
  11. im not sure what version gearbox is but this pretty much shows how http://www.858airsoft.com/upgrades/shim.html "You will need you shims, don’t be cheap on these. Buy the good ones, they’re not expensive."
  12. well I already bought it and I like it but it just needs a little more fps, accuracy, and range. I am not hardcore airsofter I just airsoft with about 15 of my friends. most of them are getting guns around 425fps only because they don't want a weaker gun than me. so can anybody andswer teh questions in my prevous post? I don't want to be a pest im just a total Newbie to ungradeable airsofts. I could probably do the mods by myself, I have good knowedge about mechanics and own a few hobby grade rc cars both electric and nitro powered. any help with airsofts would be appreicated... (sry on the spelling, late night on redbulls) edit instead of a repost: would a tightbore barrel, metal bushings, metal spring guide and bearing, new hop up if needed (I don't remember where but I read they made hop up buckings with "v" cuts in them for more increased accuracy, where do u buy those?), probably a better metal or reinforced gearbox, KM 130M or Gaurder SP110 spring. would that be a good start? would I need torque up gears? what about piston and cylinder options? edit #2, don't want the springs now.
  13. would it be worth it and do they make a stronger metal gearbox? how much? would everything just swap over?
  14. on the very end part of the front sight went over the end of the barrel about a cm and the airsoft barrel just fit inside of it perfect. you cant aim down at all tho because the bb's will jsut roll out. also after a shot or too the barrel always fell off for me. its also hard to get it to be straight (lined up with the actual guns sights)
  15. I don't have the barrel anymore (gave to a friend cause hes messing around with a wally mart cheap electric gun) but I have the barrel from my springer pistol before I put a longer barrel on it I can show you it with the pistol barrel, the pistol barrel is about 3 times shorter than the long barrel I had. sry but ur going to have to wait till tomarow for the pics.
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